Al Gore Sex Scandal Stunner: Two New Accusers, Both Masseuses, Come Forward

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Already under investigation for sexually assaulting Molly Hagerty, Al Gore is now the subject of complaints from two more masseuses who say he groped them.

According to the National Enquirer, the former Vice President wanted more than a spa day at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, where he attended the 2007 Oscars.

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If you know what we mean!

The other episode allegedly took place in 2008 at a hotel in Tokyo. A hotel source reportedly told the Enquirer about what happened when they were alone.

"Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her," said the source. Then, according to the report, Gore pointed south and said "Take care of this."

That's probably the funniest quote of all time, real or otherwise.

Are any of Al Gore's sexual assault accusers to be believed?

The former presidential candidate has denied any wrongdoing, and regarding Hagerty, questions have already been raised about the Enquirer paying her to talk.

Yet despite its low-brow reputation, the tabloid has blown the lid off the Tiger Woods and John Edwards sex scandals, the latter earning Pulitzer consideration.

It also bears mentioning that the police investigation into Gore's conduct in the Hagerty case, dating back to 2006, is now back on. So something could be up.

All of this has come to light after Al and Tipper Gore split in early June after 40 years of marriage. For her part, she has defended him against Hagerty's claim.

As for the two new accusers, their identities are under wraps, at least for the time being. We'll see how long it takes for the Enquirer to pay for more details.


While I don't think anything anyone in this world would do or say would surprise me....I still want to know what happened to Innocent Until Proven Guilty?!!!!!!!!!


after all these years, we've been thinkin that Bill Clinton was a womanizer.. NO we're wrong!! AL GORE is the Womanizer


Lies Lies Lies yeah!


well in our days all it takes to destroy a mans life is to tell lies about him for money




Of course, this is all hearsay. It matter not what the National Enquirer has been right about before. There has been NO evidence to substantiate the claims by Hagerty, and I might add that she was late reporting as it is. And now we have claims by two other "anonymous" masseuses. This type of thing would be thrown out in a court of law as it is only hearsay. So why is it even being given any credence? How would someone like to be accused of something based strictly on one person's statement which were late in the making as it is? Are people aware that Hagerty failed a polygraph and that the fluid on her pants were not semen? Has anyone considered that this could be a hit piece against Gore to discredit the climate issue? Why did Hagerty want to pursue this civilly when she made the statement that she just wanted to see justice served? One needs to critically examine this case.


Well, to be fair...isn't that what masseuses do? Don't pretend they're all angels of health care. Some are in it for the more lucrative side.

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