Al Gore Accuser: Paid to Tell Her Story?

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We reported her accusations in graphic detail last week, but Molly Hagerty, Al Gore's sexual assault accuser, faces myriad questions about her credibility.

Namely, that she went shopping her story for money years after the fact.

Al Gore Sexual Assault

Police in Portland, Ore., announced that they are reopening the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against former the former Vice President.

The accusation of unwanted sexual contact came from massage therapist Molly Hagerty, who was called to his hotel room at 4 a.m. on Oct. 24, 2006.

Gore says he received a massage, but denies acting inappropriately. Hagerty says that he repeatedly forced himself upon her, despite her objections.

He was never charged and the case was dropped due to insufficient evidence. It's being reviewed, but there are reasons to be suspicious of Hagerty:

Why didn't she just leave?

She said she feared she would be raped, a somewhat dubious claim in itself, or "accosted by some security detail," when Gore had no detail that night.

Why did she wait weeks to make her initial complaint to police?

Hagerty waited six weeks to mention this, but she contends she told her friends immediately, and police may be interested in interviewing those people.

Why did she cancel interviews with police regarding the case?

Hagerty nixed three interviews with detectives about her criminal complaint. Three years later, Hagerty changed her mind again and decided to pursue it.

Did she receive money to tell her story?

The million-dollar question, possibly literally. Hagerty has twice been interviewed by the National Enquirer, which unabashedly and routinely pays sources.

As the Rielle Hunter-John Edwards and Tiger Woods-Rachel Uchitel scandals prove, that doesn't mean they lie. But it does make you question motive.

Do you believe Al Gore sexually abused Molly Hagerty?


thinkingof what?,


I am sure that tipper gore is NOT divorcing al because he didn't cut the grass or take out the garbage! I think this story is TRUE and there is MUCH MORE that we don't know... His daughter is also divorcing so I am sure this story is SO MUCH BIGGER that it has destroyed their entire family..... gore is trash and a liar so anything he does would not be surprising at all.


You're saying that women lie about sexual abuse? Okay, I'll remember that the next time a woman accuses a man. It's funny the idea that women lie about sexual assault usually outrages feminists. But when the man being accused is a liberal democrat, it's fine to accuse the accuser. What hypocrisy.


Is there no end to what the GOP will do to hurt the Democrats?


She sure sounds fishy to me. A more plausable story, since she claims to have DNA evidence is that she willingly performed a sex act,{hand massage}in order to get evidence to shake him down later.Seriously doubt Al Goreis a rapist or predator. It would have come out long before now.Seriouly doubt he got phsical with her.She also could have collected Dna from his bathroom towels or other personal item.As far as her friends go, if she got a big payday,she could be giving them a big piece of the pie to coraborate her story. Gee, where's Gloria Alred? Maybe the other bimbo clients weren't that lucrative.Wish these money and celebrity seekers would all just go back into the woodwork from whence they came.


Her story and actions do seem a little off, and I am not saying it as a Gore supporter. Something about the timing and inconsistent details make it seem like an attempt for money or publicity, I don't know.

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