Vienna Girardi: Jake is a Fame-Obsessed Liar!

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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi's emotionally-charged reunion is still days away from hitting the small screen on The Bachelorette, and it's already ugly.

Taped last Thursday, the former couple's combative, instantly infamous joint interview is set to air July 5, and some new, heated details have emerged.

According to a new ABC press release, Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka acknowledge that their romance is unfixable, and proceed to exchange insults.

Bachelor host-pimp Chris Harrison can only look on in awe.

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The Jake and Vienna Circus rolls on. [Photo:]

The gist: Girardi tells Jake Pavelka he's a "liar" and a "fame whore," while Pavelka says she's jealous and undermines him. The Bachelor stars argue about who initiated the breakup, and Girardi denies she cheated with Gregory Michael.

At one point, the airhead Floridian bursts into tears and stomps off the set, while reports from witnesses say that an enraged Jake makes a fist at her.

Another insider who observed the confrontation told Us Weekly that Pavelka "couldn't get a word out - it was very reflective of their relationship."

Mediator Harrison often had to tell Girardi, "Vienna, let him talk." But "Vienna was on the defense," a source adds. "She was trying to play victim."

As we see it, we're the true victims in all of this.


I watched a few of RS pod cast I think I did see you on with him a few weeks back but wasnt 100% sure.So Jake is a male dacenr now..i heard rumors floating around that he also may be gay, but those are likely rumors. He I see is dating Ashely Ann Vickers from Sweet Home Alabama..I liked Ashely she was kind of like the Courtney on her season..a model and didnt get along with anyone. But she is one smokin hot chick!


Well, wasn't that a party? Anyway, I was embarrassed for the couple as you could see neither of them possessed any dignity, honor or respect for the other. It was all about Me,Me,Me and somemore ME. I could not help but think how mortified their families must be feeling - hopefully the couple will see the interview and be embarrassed for themselves and try to get back to a normal life. It almost seemed like it was an acting audition for Jake (stick with your day job) and well - poor Vienna plays the victim so well. To both of you, can you spell counselling?


Vienna needs to take a look in the mirror!!

@ GQueen7

You need to find a life of your own

@ GQueen7

Shut the fuk up lol


Looks who's calling the kettle black!! They are both liars-what's new not the bachelor's show-over it!!


@for_real_tho: Hey, you're back to using your real name! Glad you too my advice to be a man.


blah blahblah...didnt you run this same story a few days ago??

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