Jake Pavelka "Makes Fist" at Vienna Girardi During Heated, Emotionally-Charged Reunion

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Reuniting for the first time since the end of their fake relationship, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi faced off in a joint interview on Wednesday night.

For a segment to air next month on The Bachelorette, of course.

Vienna Girardi Cheated!

The taped reunion between the fame-obsessed pair, whose breakup is becoming more bitter by the day, quickly got out of hand - and nearly violent.

According to reports, Jake Pavelka "exploded in anger" at Vienna Girardi and at one point turned toward her and pulled his arm back, making a fist.

It was a shocking display that left Vienna in tears, and left witnesses wondering if Jake might be getting ready to straight up whomp his ex-fiancee.

At another point, Jake told Vienna to "shut up" three times.

FAKE COUPLE, REAL DRAMA: That's Jake and Vienna for you.

The Breakup of the Century is dominating headlines this week, prompting ABC to capitalize by secretly reuniting the warring duo for footage that will air July 5.

They had to know what was coming (possibly because they scripted it).

“Jake was visibly angry,” a source said. “At one point he wheeled back and I thought he was going to throw a punch. He pulled his arm back, his hand in a fist.”

Despite obvious tension and drama, a longtime friend of Jake's insists: "Jake would NEVER hit her, EVER. End of story. The guy doesn't even use swear words."

ABC also denies that any punches or near-punches were thrown. "The atmosphere was emotionally charged," the network acknowledged in a statement, but:

"However, and contrary to reports that have surfaced, at no time was anyone physically in harm’s way, nor was anyone ever threatened with physical violence.”

As Bachelorette host-pimp Chris Harrison tried to keep things from getting heated, Pavelka stood up in frustration, asking pointedly, "Will you just let me finish?"

"He couldn't get a word out, it was very reflective of their relationship," says a source, who adds that host Chris often had to tell Girardi, "Vienna, let him talk."

We'll know for sure July 5, but she supposedly storms off in tears.

"Vienna was on the defense. She was trying to play victim."


As per a very reliable source, Jake is GAY GAY GAY. You just have to look at the way he acts/reacts. Vienna you had a narrow escape because he fooled everybody. His parents must be soooooo ashamed of him because of his behaviour during the interview. Oh please, the way he balled his hand into a fist, he would have laid into her if they were on there own somewhere private. Vienna you will find genuine happiness some day and as for Jake, well there are a lot of single, young men out there who will maybe like his sort of behaviour.


Team Vienna. Jake is a weird little awkward alien.


I'm with Jessica. Team NONE.


Ali may as well be 13. She's acting stupid and like she isn't
even concentrating when she's talking to these guys. One comes up and then before a sentence is out another pops up. How can she get to know anyone? She's not trying to ask the right questions to know anybody so she deserves to end up with a con
she keeps clinging to. She's not serious or sensitive. She deserves
the wrestler who is as unserious as she is.


This was very fake from the beginning. Jake wanted a baddie to make him "look good." He's so in love w/himself, no one will do.He just wants to be in the limelight and become a star no matter who it hurts. He's not a REAL pilot, he's not a REAL dancer, he's not a REAL nice guy, he's not a REAL anything but a jerk. Good radiance for Vienna to be rid of him.


Does this breakup mean that Vienna will now go to recoup at her mother's rusted-out single-wide trailer in Florida? Will Vienna take her turn at sitting outside the trailer selling bags of peanuts to passing motorists? The rejected finalists were the true winners of the Bachelor this past season. Kudos to Tenley et al who have not had to endure the publicity that Jake brings with him.


We all know what kind of person Vienna is, because we saw it frist hand. Jake may be a dork, but he does seem like a nice guy. It is no surprise that she is the kind of perosn who would lie and play victim, so that Jake would look like the bad guy. I wish Jake had ounched her, because God knows she deserved it.


jake ia a fool to let ali and tenley go. good for him, tenley must be laughing now; i would be laughing too, may be he should try and hooked up with tenley, if she would give him a second chance, relationship does not base on passion alone, the world knew the break up between the both of them would have happened sooner or later, jake him self knew it, it was over before it started........


There are two couples married now, Jason and Molly as well as Tristen and fireman. I think Jillian is still dating her guy.
They are having auditions in Grand Rapids at the JW today.( Yes , we have a JW in GRR) Maybe they will find some normal young ladies for the show.
Jake, you picked trouble and you got it.


ABC and this whole "Bachelor/ette" series might as well be a soap opera aired daily at 2 pm. So fake. I'm not even watching the Ali version. You can see how see enjoys the attention and her 15 minutes of fame. I can already see she's hedging her bets with comments like; "I'm afraid of being hurt" blah blah blah - she's probably not going to choose anyone - with ABC touting this as a "shocking ending you just can't miss" As for the recently broken up attention whores, who really cares anymore? Just let him come out of the closet already and as for her, well her fake boobs are more real than she is.

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