Tiger Woods-Theresa Rogers Love Child, £2 Million Settlement Alleged By UK Documentary

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World famous philanderer Tiger Woods fathered a secret love child, according to a new TV documentary scheduled to air this week in Great Britain.

A journalist who claims he helped the troubled golfer cover up his affairs says he knows someone who has full details of the love child, a baby girl.

He also alleges DNA evidence to prove it. Can you imagine if that were true? Elin Woods and her legal team would absolutely eat that sucker alive.

Writer Neal Boulton tells the UK's Sun this week that "There is a lot more still to come out. Tiger Woods will eventually admit to fathering a child."

We doubt it, but you never know.

SHAFTED: Did Theresa Rogers carry Tiger Woods' love child in 2003, then just screw him over by leaking proof as he and Elin reportedly hammer out divorce terms?

Rumors concerning a love child have circulated since Tiger's rampant cheating ways were exposed. Theresa Rogers is reportedly the love child's mother.

Rogers, Tiger Woods' cougar mistress who claims to have taught him everything in bed, gave birth to a girl seven years ago, according to the report.

She then demanded a settlement (said to be £2 million) for her silence. We actually reported that item in December, but heard nothing more since.

Until now.

These claims and so much more will be included in Channel 4's Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall, on Thursday. We'll likely have more information then.


if tiger did father children in 2004 its none of elins god damn business he should support those kids illigetimate ot not


I am sorry but i think enough is enough we have heard all the dirt about Tiger Woods. Indeed he is the most disgusting man alive! all these whores and himself this just proves how far one can go if they own money. Can we please allow this family to be alive now, start all over again, separate without seeing headlines about themselves everyday. And as for the wife i am sad for how she feels for even if she had wanted to forgive her husband the world has decided that she shouldnt.


DNA will tell.


I'm amazed anyone is keeping track of this guy and his assorted sex objects anymore. It's become so tired and old. Turn the record over, this side stinks!


and I'm not surprised because...........oh that's right, this fella is a man-whore. Nothing more, nothing less. He sure put on a good front for a long time for us; but as with all "rulers" , he tumbled. and he did that quite well, better than he plays golf. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Elin, You need to leave that place RIGHT NOW !!!!!!! I'll come down there to rescue you from that 3 ring circus. You don't deserve any of this. You are too good for him (what a poor excuse for a human being). I'm a flight attendant and I'll take you out of there on a buddy pass, just to get you away from there.


Where's a picture of the child? The poor kid must be ugly; the mother isn't much to look at, and Tiger definitely is not.


judge not,and ye shall not be judged; condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned; forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.


We all have heard the stories about Tiger Woods over the last 7 months. What gets to me is the way that slut Tiger acts as though nothing has happened. He carries on as normal, bringing more whores to his Orlando home, when Elin is not there, even though they are still married. He plays golf and gives interviews and cruises clubs and acts as though he is not the MOST DISGUSTING human on earth.Is he not aware of how much he is hated? That he revolts most of humanity? IS he soooo low? really?


It doesn't surprise me at all. He slept with countless of bimbos without any protection.
What will really surprise me is if this guy doesn't catch any STD. Yuck this is so nasty and to risk your wife and kids' lives by your miserable behavior is UNFORGIVABLE and UNEXCUSABLE ... He should pay for what he did. My God he's playing golf as if nothing has happened ... does he have a heart and a soul ??????????
He reminds of a robot with no emotions at all and no sense of guilt.
A true sociopath.

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