Sarah Palin Denies Boob Job Rumors

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Sarah Palin has not had a boob job, thankyouverymuch.

"No, I have not had implants," she said in an interview with FOX News host Greta Van Susteren, who asked the former governor of Alaska point-blank about it.

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Speculation she's had breast implants surfaced last week when pictures surfaced showing the former V.P. candidate looking, um, more voluptuous than usual.

Naturally, this being Sarah Palin, who would never squander a chance to bash the "gotcha" media, she personally addressed the Sarah Palin boob job rumors Saturday.

"A report like that is about as truthful and real as reports that Todd and I are divorcing, that I bought a place in the Hamptons or that Trigg is not my child."

Must have just been the angle, or wardrobe selection.

Calling celebrity gossip about her chest size "Boob-gate," Palin attributed the rumors to "bored, idle bloggers and reporters with nothing else to talk about."

"I think some of those folks, too, they need to perhaps grab a shovel, go down to the Gulf, volunteer to help, clean up and save a whale or something."

Oh come on. We can't contribute time and money to worthwhile causes and gossip about her possible plastic surgery? They're not mutually exclusive!

The former Alaska Governor and current professional celebrity said the speculation about her chest will make her second guess her wardrobe choices now.

"To be judged on or to be talked about on appearance, it makes me wear layers, it makes me have to waste time figuring out what am I going to wear."

"I want them to hear what it is that I'm saying, [not] look at an area that I don't need them to look at. It ends up wasting time and that's unfortunate."

Indeed. But it's entertaining!


Who cares about what this woman puts in her bra or under her skin. Breast are breasts. She is a nutcase and it is best not to give her any attention. She needs a brain job and not a boob job She needs therapy for herself and her family. Face it, we all know she has a low IQ and she is feeding off any attention she can get. A sad lost soul.


there are a bunch of closeups of her boobs posted at


Ida your an idiot...just sayin. Attack people on issues not personally...Oh look I'm just like you -I don't know you, as I am sure you don't know Mrs. Palin and I called you an idiot. Do you see how ridiculous that is? People like you make assumptions about people they don't even know and liberals like yourself claim to be so intelligent. You are all really sad...makes you look really stupid..


Forget here is real silicon


Well then she was wearing a GEL BRA. In any event she got the response she was going for.
LOOK at the photos from before, she DID something....yes, she DID, and if she did she wanted you to notice. Then $arah gets ALL mad about it. "OH, why don't feminists help me, why don't they stick up for me, why are you all looking at my tight white tee shirt, oh my, oh dang, oh help me..."
Man, does she play y'all like a violin. $arah is little liar and a tease...well, to YOU.
Wake me when she gets that much needed BRAIN implant.


Ida is the typical liberal scientist. The only people that think Ida is clever are the voices in her head telling her so.
Any body with even a half a brain can see that the Palin women are all similarly endowed even though they ALL dress appropriately. The problem is with perverted liberals that have nothing better to do with their time. Can't attack the issues then create a distraction.


Maybe she should THINK about what she is wearing. She CLAIMS to be a politician.
Stupid cow. $arah AND Todd, just lying grifters raking it in.


Governor Sarah Palin was a natural beauty queen back in her college days, and now, at age 46, she is still a natural beauty queen. What a lady, what a star!


As I already observed, intelligent people like me already KNEW that this really was the 'lamestream media' just attacking poor Sarah again. She obviously DID NOT have a boob-job. It is something like an optical illusion. As she ages, her head is actually SHRINKING because there is nothing inside, and gravity abhors a vacuum. Therefore, it made her boobs appear to be larger by comparison. Case solved by science!

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