Did Sarah Palin Get a Boob Job?

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Did Sarah Palin get a boob job? Doubtful, but photos surfacing in recent days showing the former V.P. candidate looking noticeably curvier have the web buzzing.

"It's absolutely ridiculous," a Palin insider tells Us Weekly of the rumor, which started after Palin's visit to Sunday's Belmont Stakes horse race in Belmont, N.Y.

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Is it ridiculous, though?

Check out the Sarah Palin pictures below, from last year (left, middle) and then this past weekend (right). Doesn't really disprove the rumor, does it?

Is Sarah Palin spending those huge paychecks on ... well, see above?

If you think this is nonsense and attributable to the angle and/or choice of clothing, you could be right. But consider this evidence from the D.C. gossip blog Wonkette:

  • Straight women spend up to 37 percent of their time evaluating the breasts of their friends, enemies, peers and strangers, keeping detailed mental records.
  • They weigh factors such as pregnancy, wardrobe, diet, exercise, miraculous undergarments and cosmetic surgery professionals quoted in tabloids.
  • At least two people with experience in having breasts say that Sarah Palin sure looks like she was trotting out some new work at the race on Sunday.

Sounds like an air-tight case to us. We're sold.

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Sara is a milf,as far as her being president,fuck no.she needs ,2 do a hustler spread then i might vote four her in the smut mag,but as far as running the country....hell no!


maybe she just got one of those "ego booster" bras that can apparently give people the appearance of a full two cup sizes larger.


Notice that her tits grew just about when she was cozying up to Joe Miller. Hmmmm. I'd love to teabag her, no matter her tit size.


God, I hate her but I want to bang her so very much!!!


What? You think those are like ballpark franks, they plump when you cook them. Of course she had some type of enhancement, it may not have been implants (which is why her CAMP can deny it), but it could have been fat injections. The newest latest greatest non-surgical enhancement procedure. The procedure where they remove fat from your ass and re-inject it into your breast area.


I'm betting that the critics on here are in two catagories:girlymen and big fat girls.


She is hot and her oldest daughter is definitely tasty looking........and hopefully posing naked some day. Poltically she is a straight shooter but who cares? She has nice boobs and thats all that matters! P.S. the middle daughter is already stacked, she's gonna be a couple of handfuls in a few years when she turns 18, yum!


ummmmmmmmmmmm.....who cares?


I thought she was a boobjob. And judging by a couple of post her two biggist boobs are on here. Read something so you too can think out of the Fox


Palin is a joke, and anyone who thinks otherwise, is a moron. She is a complete talking head, and will say whatever she is told to say. And you Sheeple just believe it all, and re-spit it back out. Actually... read and learn once in a while.

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