A Sarah Palin Pregnancy Scandal?

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Please note that the political celebrity gossip story below is based on circumstantial, albeit fairly compelling, evidence. There is no proof, although that's how it was with Rielle Hunter, and we all know how that turned out.

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    If you listen to the interview between Sarah Palin and Charlie Rose, you will hear her say in her own words, I only have one son, refering to her son enlisting in military.


    you can obviously see that she is pregnant i mean that is no joke right there she is pregnant and trigg is her baby and he is adorable!


    Well... whether she has had 4 children or 5 , she looks fantastic. I just don't believe anything she says. She seems like a very dishonest person, starting from the way she used 'the bridge to nowhere' to sell herself at the convention.

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    i could care less whether or not trig is sarah's child or bristol's, but it kills me to hear conservative women swooning over what a great mother she is.

    no one can raise five children and run the largest state in the country effectively. sarah palin is either a poor excuse for a parent or a poor excuse for a national politician.


    Presidential candidates and VP candidates should release their medical records in full. This will put to rest rumors and make people feel better or worse about Sarah Palin in particular. My big fear is that the Republicans will win the election and then all the lies will be exposed, leaving us with a mess. Anyone who feels that it is right to ban books from a public libray and then attempt to fire the librarian after she refused to follow Sarah Palin's desires, should definitely vote for McCain/Palin. Your first ammendment right may be in danger. Also, the Republicans need to let Sarah Palin be quizzed. We need to find out exactly how she does without a teleprompter. What exactly does she know about the world? 1 in 3 men make it to the age of 80. It is entirely possible that she could end up as the next President. She is clearly beautiful and clever, but is she really well informed and well educated?


    I completly agree. Here is my take. Sarah caught mcCain's eye in February. she was being actively marketed for VP then and it dawned or her that she had a tiny problem at home and the rest is hostory.
    Check out this super scary video. No mystery here - words straight from the horse's mouth


    I will prefer a politician who has been through the same situations as other families rather than one who pretends to be the picture perfect family. Palin, as many other mothers, surely tried to educate her daughter to make better decisions but as many teenagers, the girl had the final word (That's why I liked H. Clinton more, she walked out with dignity from the cheating husband situation).
    Being able to walk out of difficult moments shows tenacity and courage... and that person will make a better candidate.


    Come on people. There is no way Sarah Palin delivered Trig. That is simply impossible. Show the birth certificate!!

    I do not care that Bristol is "supposedly" pregnant right now. Sarah Palin DID NOT deliver Trig. People should stop believing the photoshop images of Sarah. They are a joke.



    this best for the republicans!1 gun 2 pregnan 3drunk...are you sure mc cain this the best vice in the american people.


    Why did TMZ take down the pictures of Bristol and friends drinking and holding guns? Come'on put them back up let's see how our presumputive Republican VP kids are going to party in the White House if there was any possiblity they WERE going to make it there!

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