Larry and Shawn King Divorce: Possibly Still On

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Larry King and wife Shawn Southwick King split up in April amid rumors that he was nailing her sister Shannon Engemann, but reconciled soon after.

But the two have not withdrawn their dueling divorce petitions, and the rumored Shawn King suicide attempt in May indicates things are still amiss.

Will they or won't they split up?

It's anyone's guess, and rumor has it that the tipping point for whether Shawn becomes his eighth ex-wife is not his alleged infidelity, but money.

People familiar with the situation say nothing is going to happen as Shawn recovers from her overdose (which some suspect was a suicide attempt).

Larry King and Shawn Southwick married over a decade ago.

But before that crisis, one of Larry King's lawyers actually presented a proposal to Shawn's lawyer to undo an agreement he signed a few years ago.

Then, also amid speculation that he was railing Shannon Engemann, King signed over their houses to her. They are in Shawn Southwick's name only.

Recently, after the couple reconciled, or at least put the divorce on ice, one of Larry's lawyers submitted a proposal for a new division of property.

One that did not sit well with Shawn, as it turns out.

Whether or not the Kings, who have two young boys, remain married hinges, as a source puts it, on "striking a new deal on the money issues."


I disagree with Anne strongly. There is no evidence that she apparently cares how much she can get per se. Her behaviour is much more likely a reaction to the notion that he has been cheating on her with her sister, wouldn't you think? It is ludicrous to suggest that she has jumped ship so quickly after the recent rumours of his demise at CNN which to borrow a phrase: 'the death of Larry King has been greatly exaggerated', I would guess. Whatever , not sure what motivates Anne's thinking, but it sure isn't my way. Nasty really.


Too bad all his wife apparently cares about is how much she can get. Why don't men make strong pre-nups and keep them? Now that it's rumoured that he may be involuntarily retired fron CNN, she may start looking for his replacement.

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