Report: Shawn King Overdoses in Suicide Attempt; Depression Stems From Larry's Alleged Affair

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Larry King's wife Shawn Southwick reportedly overdosed on prescription drugs in what investigators are considering a suicide bid. Fortunately, Shawn failed.

It all went down May 28 when Shawn's dad called 911 from the Kings' home in Provo, Utah, telling the dispatcher Shawn was breathing but not responsive.

Shawn King left a handwritten note stating she OD'd on purpose and indicated where she wanted to be buried, according to police, who found a lot meds.

Larry King says their marriage is still intact, despite both of them filing for divorce in April. Later, they called it off and decided to make the marriage work.

Apparently things went south between then and May 28, though.

Shawn King with Larry and their two sons.

Among the medications found at the home, Subutex is used to treat narcotic addiction, while Cymbalta is an anti-depressant and Lyrica a seizure treatment.

Klonopin and Clonazepam are anti-anxiety meds. Bottles of those two, along with Ambien, were empty and had been filled within 10 days of the incident.

Sources close to Shawn Southwick say she battles depression, which started, continued and never stopped over Larry King's alleged affair with her sister.

Shawn has been "extremely depressed" for more than five years, and the trigger is believed to be Larry's long-term involvement with Shannon Engemann.

If you've been following this story, you may recall that several years ago, this all blew up in Larry's face, and he made a peace offering to Shawn King.

At that point, Larry transferred title to all three of the couple's homes to Shawn's name alone. Yet for years, she still believed that he was doing Shannon.

She has denied an affair with King, so it's not clear what went on. But a source says, "She fought like crazy to remain sane, just to take care of her kids."

Married since 1996, they have two boys under the age of 10. Their baseball coach, Hector Penate, says he had an affair with Shawn ... often. Anyway ...

Shawn remains depressed even after reconciling with Larry, says a source: "Shawn's not a pill popper, but feels it's her only way to deal with depression."

We hope she finds a better one, and soon.

Larry King with Shawn Southwick (left) and her sister Shannon Engemann.


When I saw a video of Larry with his wife, I thought he looked like her grandfather.


Shawn...if you are going to act like that...better LEAVE and file for divorce...think of your children above all and GOOOOOOOOO...think first your children and leave that DOM...


Shawn...if you are going to act like that...better LEAVE and file for divorce...think of hour children'welfareand future...Dont losse yourlife to a non


What a complete insecure bimbo. This woman doesn't even care about her own children to want to commit suicide over that thing (L.K). She probably doesn't even have real friends whom she can lean on. Who knows how high she sticks her nose up to avoid having any. Tiger wood's wife was the strongest spunkiest woman I have seen in years. That's what women should be like. Not weaklinks like her.


to be betrayed by your husbane and father of your children is one thing, to be betrayed by your sister as well is just terrible. I hope that her sister sees what she has done because you NEVER do that to your own blood! What a bitch! Poor Shawn I hope she gets better for the sake of her children.


OK since you've started reading this its too late to stop. in 2001 a 15 year old girl was killed in a clearing in scotland. nobody knows who or what killed her but there is scratch marks all over her body and she looks horrific. she is said to roam around the world and can go 2 places at once. if you dont post this comment on 5 other videos or websites in ten minutes she will suddenly attack you and kill you in some gruesome way. this is scary coz it happened to my friend


On a side note-I would too want to kill myself if I had to look at Larry King naked every night!! LOL
But really-suicide is no joke. It is a very selfish act and it is worse that she has small children. I know first hand the repercussions that happens to the family. It has a lasting effect and the family never gets over it. It would have been very devastating for the boys to loose there mom so early. If she is truely that unhappy she can leave his scrawny wrinkly ass!! Don't do this shit to your kids!!


Shawn has more than most will ever see but if something happens to trigger illness, it is no joke and no amount of jewels or money can help when one is highly depressed. If the sister affair is true, imagine how that stripped away a very pretty woman's self esteem; so maybe she then retaliated with an affair of her own. If this is the case it tells me she really does love Larry King, age difference or not. Shawn is also the age of depression and hormonal changes, so that probably played a large factor which the press did not pick up on. I am around that age and suffer horrid anxiety adn depressions; I am single so that is my reasoning. I hope Shawn does get better but if there was the sister affair and it killed her, she needs to get that divorce - and now and start over pronto for her own health and happiness.


I know firsthand how a long term affair of your husband with a close relative can make you feel, once you find out. I've lived thru it. It blows your life apart. The best thing to do is leave and start your life over. It's just too much of a betrayal. The only way to keep your sanity is to cut all contact with these betrayers as much as possible. I realize they have children, but get a mediator, as Elin Woods has done. Save yourself and don't do this to your children!


Some people are "blessed" and don't even know it.It is a thought-less/selfish act for Shawn to consider suicide as an out to depression when she has two young sons.The repercussions of losing their mother at such a young age could be devastating to them.In no way will I minimize the seriousness of depression,but an "alledged affair" of 5 yrs. ago,does not make you leave your children for someone else to take your place as their caregiver.

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