Kristen Stewart Apologizes for "Enormous Mistake"

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Way to go, Kristen Stewart.


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    I agree with pak31. It's nobody elses buisness on what you want to do! Just follow your heart and don't worry about what other people think. Atleast you know you're good enough to look at if they are saying something about your apperance. Besides if they hate you so much then why are they talking about you? Answer those questions!


    It's good that she apologized because if she didn't, this issue would go on for a very long time. I did think that her choice of words were a bit 'over the top', but in the end I understand and agree with how she feels. Keep it up, Kirsten, and ignore all those people who talk negative about you.


    So you managed to brow-beat her into apologizing, so what? She said exactly what she felt at the time, and everybody with even half a brain understood just what she meant. It seems to me to be exactly like rape with the mob mentality added in. Some, if not most,of the paparazzi are actual scum, like she says, jibing at her to get a negative reaction. Personally, I still think they should be thrown to the ground and have their heads kicked 'til they see "the light".


    Hope miley cyrus heard this,maybe she'll learn sumthing!!


    if "rapist" is not enough, just remember Princess Diana. Paps could be killers too!


    ...been panning the net. Got a few tsu-tsu( the hyppos ) about you wearing Rob's clothes. Hey! Just keep the do! We love it! It does help the world ailing economy, based on the amount of flying tabs everytime you do that. You're keeping America in business!


    Keep your head up Kristen we got your back


    I agree. Plus, everyone says things they regret. She made a mistake don't hound her about it. People today have to walk on egg shells because if you say or do anything "wrong" people can't just ignore it, they have to make a huge deal about it.


    BRAVO!!!! As Oprah said, just show your truth. Love yah!

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