Gary Coleman Death Photos Sold; Shannon Price to Receive Cut of Profits

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In disturbing news, a sequence of Gary Coleman photos depicting the former child star in the hospital last month are being shopped to celebrity news outlets.

In one photo, Coleman is dead. In another, his eyes are closed and he is on a ventilator. It's as sad as it is pathetic that someone took and is trying to sell it.

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That person? None other than Shannon Price, the ex-wife of the troubled 42-year-old actor, and the one who made the decision to take him off life support.

Her asking price is low five figures, and if someone pays that, or anything, we suggest they pack lightly and join Price where she's going soon - it's warm.

Ever since the release of the Gary Coleman 911 call last week, Price has come under intense scrutiny - and now wants up to $50,000 for interviews as well.

Gary Coleman and Shannon Price wed in 2007 and divorced in 2008. They never remarried, but reconciled and were living together at the time of his May 28 death.

Supposedly, Shannon is even offering to give - for the right price - a video tour of the house and where they lived, and where Gary suffered his ultimately fatal fall.

At first, we didn't believe Shannon Price was the person hawking the death photo. But that was our mistake - she's never seemed like a girl who wouldn't do that.

If you recall, Price sold a video interview within 24 hours of his death, denying that she had a role in his fall (which no one suggested) or that she wanted him dead.

This situation is growing increasingly weird, if not suspicious. Since then, she has reportedly tried to sell additional interviews at increasingly high prices. Sickening.

UPDATE, 1:49 p.m. EST: Three of the four pictures of Gary Coleman's final moments among the living have been sold to a tabloid, but not the actual death photo.

The four photos, which Gary's ex-wife orchestrated, may hit stands as early as this week. In one pic, Shannon poses next to a bedridden Gary, riddled with tubes.

Shannon will get a cut of the profits. Disgusting.


Gary was murdered! It is plain to see as daylight and if you can't see that it is, then you are a fool! Thanks for the memories Gary :( Go to hell Shannon, you nasty ass murdering whore!


ALL I have to say is...( Gary, I loved you) ... WHATEVER HAPPENED............I DONT KNOW...... You brought,ME WONDERFUL MEMORIES!! R.I.P. oxoox ALWAYS


Wow! What a story. Makes you stop and think. Shannon if you did love Gary, you have a sick sense of Love. Would not matter to me what I suffered, if my husband was bleeding, I would be there to take care of him, even if I did not love him. All I can say is "WOW"


david do you have a learning disability or are you just pathetic? i would say the latter!


rick sylva cant spell he is a "BIG MORON" sarah cant dumb Bimbo gary cole man is in "HELL"


You would have to know both Gary and Shannon before you could make any statements about their relationship. I was very close to both of them and saw how their relationship worked. There was Love between the two of them and Gary wanted to do all he could for Shannon. All I can say is that I am very sad at the loss of Gary as he was a pretty great guy once you got to know him. Shannon will need financial support from somewhere to pay the bills. Who are we to judge a persons morals or motivations? I feel very sorry for both of them.


Is it JUST me or does she look like a Tranny? I wouldn't be surprised if she is suddenly a suspect. I think something's fishy about her story...


What a cold ugly bitch. Burn in hell.


He should have "NEVER" let "her" back into his life, after all it got so bad last time that "they" ended it in a "divorce"! This timr "she" made him "PAY" WITH HIS VERY "LIFE!& ASKING "50 LARGE" for an interview, not to mention selling his "DEATH" PICS ^ ATTEMPTING TO GAIN CONTROL OF HIS "ESTATE"! What really gets me though is "who & why" the Jodpital took him off the "Life Support machines", after all it's "SUPPOSED" to be up to the "NEXT OF KIN", & AN EX-WIFE ISN'T HARDLY THAT!


This is just disgusting and disturbing how she is reacting to his fall !!! ARE YU SERIOUS SHANNON !!??

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