Gary Coleman Cause of Death Revealed: Fall

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As his ex-wife, manager, family members and possible mystery heir grapple for control of his estate, Gary Coleman' official cause of death has been released.

According to the death certificate, obtained by ET, Coleman's cause of death is listed simply as a "Fall." The actor was hospitalized after a fall at home in May.

Other significant conditions are listed as "Chronic renal failure and complications."

Gary had kidney problems all his life, and the aggressive treatment they required contributed to him reaching his adult height of 4'8" at the age of just 14.

The manner of death is recorded as "Accident." Some, including former manager Dion Mial, have suggested foul play was involved, but that looks unlikely.

R.I.P. Gary Coleman (1968-2010).

Interestingly, Coleman's awful ex-wife, Shannon Price, is listed as his spouse, even though they never remarried after divorcing, then reconciling in 2008.

She is also listed as the "informant," given that she placed the Gary Coleman 911 call. She didn't care to drive Gary to the hospital, but hey, she called.

The autopsy was completed amid controversy surrounding his ex. If you saw Shannon Price in the Cause of Death box, would you have been shocked?

In control of Gary's estate for now, despite another will leaving it all to Anna Gray, Price plans to scatter his ashes around trains. He really liked trains.


Shannon is guilty as sin, and she knows that she is, so she may as well fess up and own up to what she has done, because she won't get away with it, surely Shannon knows that. They were arguing and Shannon had pushed him. Shannon seems to be bipolar to the max. Rest in peace little brother, because shannon sure as hell can't.


No one will ever know because Price could have pushed him but he's not here to tell us so let's just let him rest in peace and she has to live with what ever Hell she caused him to go thru.