Jennifer Aniston Ready For "Aggressive Sexuality"

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Celebrity news and movie sites have been in a frenzy, reporting that Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell are set to appear in a sex-crazed, kinky new film together.

The film, Horrible Bosses, is due out next year, and in it, we will see Jennifer Aniston nude. However, she "will not show any private parts," according to her rep.

Yes, She's Adopting!

That's one heck of a naked caveat.

The star's rep does note that the role is far cry from her Friends days as daddy's girl Rachel Green. We're imagining that sexy Smart Water ad, only in a movie.

"The part is provocative and sexual, but also hysterically funny," the rep says.

A classic from the famous Jennifer Aniston nude GQ spread.

If Jen is trying to break out of a rut of bad romantic comedies, this might be a good start ... although it sounds like a bad romantic comedy, just with more nudity.

"There are no plans for her to go fully nude or topless, but the role does require aggressive sexuality that folks have not seen from Jennifer on screen before."

Sounds good to us. No wonder she's been sneaking around with Brad Pitt behind Angelina Jolie's back ** - he's gotta regret leaving America's Sweetheart now.

** - From a report in Star that is probably complete crap.


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