Friend Describes "Tremendous Pain," Struggle of Jennifer Capriati

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We're happy to hear that Jennifer Capriati is recovering from her prescription pill overdose on Sunday, but the former tennis great has a long road to recovery says a friend.

Former professional tour player Justin Gimelstob told The Early Show on CBS this morning that his pal "has a huge void that she needs to fill" in life, now that sports are no longer an option.

"She's in tremendous pain physically and mentally. She struggled with depression, and it's a tough story," Gimelstob said.

Exactly, Sports Illustrated: Jennifer Capriati was only 13 when she debuted on the women's tour. That's the problem she now faces.

Capriati may own three Grand Slam titles and a Gold Medal, but the 34-year old never enjoyed a regular childhood and the "social interaction" to help her later in life, added Gimelstob:

"She said tennis gives her structure. Without that, that's when the problems ensue, and she's had trouble finding an identity and a sense of purpose."

A somewhat apt comparison could likely be made here between Capriati and Lindsay Lohan, couldn't it? The latter fell off the rails as her movie career fell apart.

In closing, Gimelstob said Capriati's mother is remaining as positive as she can: "[Jennifer's mom] is a very religious woman. She said God is good [and] God is taking care of [Jen]."

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Trust in God, everyone has a purpose. Look at all the young players who look up to you. You are winner even off the court.
God speed.


Buck up girl. Get over your past and move on. Jesus is your answer. He's all about ne lives and second chances. You were once a Champion. Jesus is a Chanmpion. Seek him out and listen. He'll show you how to be a Champion again in a new life.