Dina Manzo on Quitting The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Blame Danielle!

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Danielle is a very troubled lady. She still has anger built up inside her. There’s no dealing with her in a rational way. Maybe she’s got multiple personalitie. She hasn’t changed and she’ll never change. I tried. I’m done, I’m out.

With those words, Dina Manzo walked away from The Real Housewives of New Jersey last night.

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In case they somehow didn't make it clear to viewers that Danielle Staub was to blame for her departure, Dina reiterated to Us Weekly today:

"I would say 99.9 percent is because of Danielle, but the other .1 percent was drama created by her."

While we admire Manzo for getting away from the nut job that is Staub, we find it hard to believe when she says "I thought I signed on for a nice family show and it really turned in a different direction."

Dina's professed ignorance over the goal/theme of the show (catfights, drama, etc.) is about as hard to believe as Staub's claim that she didn't play a key role in the release of her sex tape.

Still, we certainly agree with Manzo when she says Danielle "will make up whatever lie she can to hurt you, and it’s dangerous. Who wants to be associated with that?"


Let's face it, Dina brought out the crazyness when she flat out told people that Danielle was in love with her and wanted to be her, that's enough to drive anyone insane! And it obviously escalated from there when she brought up the fact that there was a book about Danielle being arrested in the past. Now, they let Dina go because quite frankly she's the boring one, and though Danielle may have psychological problems, her drama runs the show... how boring would it be if they all played nice and showed off what they've got -or no longer have, in Teresa's case?


I hope Danielle is saving the money she is making for the years of therapy her kids are gonna need. She is gross! Those guys she runs with are the biggest f****ing losers,news flash get out of the 1980's Kim G NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR UGLY ASS!! CRACK KILLS!!


I can't blame you for not wanting to be associated to Danielle; she is a psycho and couldn't be trusted with a bottle of PISS!! I feel so bad for her kids!! 18 and they are out-I would!! What a ugly ass crazy BIOTCH!!


Bravo Dina!!!!! If I was on that show I would do the same. That Drama with her is JUST not worth it. I was giving her a chance....THEN------That party !!! I can't blame you. It was really hard to watch when you wanted to sit down and talk to her too. That creep was lurking in the parking lot. Good for you Dina!!! Move On and Move UP!


No spoiler alert??? u guys are douches

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