The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Trash Talking, Stripping and Leaving

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Will she or won't she?!?


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    I think that we forget that Caroline started this whole thing by spreading Danielle's book around and then fading into the background. She said I'm going to find out about Danielle and then Caroline exposed her past. I believe that Danielle tried in her own way to forget her past and make a new life, but Caroline wouldn't let her. Remember that Danielle has no mother, no father, no sister, no brother, no real friends - NOBODY. Everyone else on the show is supported by their husbands, sons, daughters, extended family, except Jacqueline's daughter who I believe needs help. Caroline could have been like a mother to Danielle. Caroline has to be careful with her words. God says "do not be deceived, for God is not mocked, whatever you reap, you shall also sow." She has to remember that as much as she loves her children, that Danielle was once somebody's child. If nobody teaches Danielle how to be a friend, then how is she going to know? She needs prayer. The whole cast does.


    Danielle is the biggest KOOK in the world! Skeletore needs to stop antagonizing, then runs away like a pussy hiding in her rich friends car, whom she uses for sociallighting.. How can you push charges against a 17 year old??? You deserve every thing that happens, and hell ya for Teresa "Queen Bitch!!!!", I love her, you go girl...... This is some good comedy, ya Bravo, pay these bitches more except Skeletore, kick her off the show..


    I can't believe how Caroline constantly calls Danielle trash; that is SO ugly to say! I wouldn't call my worst enemy that! They call Danielle trash, a pig, a prostitution whore, crazy, coo coo, manipulative, etc.; the list goes on and on. I only thing I see hate from the other women, and Danielle is their target; she is someone for them to pick on to make themselves look better in my opinion. Danielle has problems, but she did raise two beautiful daughters with bright futures, unlike Jacqueline's disrespectful daughter and Teresa's spoiled brats!


    This show is a wonderful little reminder that we're living in third century Rome.


    i think danielle needs some xanax or lexapro becasue she can go from 0-10 in 2 seconds. And the other ladies keep bringing her up because she is constantly around stiring issues up. I tell you this she wouldve never threaten me with no old 60 year old italian mafia guy me be quite and ok with it. She knows she can get away with it and she places herself in specific positons so she can take as many low blows as possible to everyone on the show. She is low and need a good ass woopin.


    Go Danielle, I really wish Caroline and Jacqie would leave the show. They sit around and all they do is talk shit on Danielle, but we want her out of our lives,BOOOHOOOO!!!!!!
    Danielle show them how it done. Dina left the show not because of Danielle it was because her husband is making her quit, because he was know it have an affair with Danielle!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am sick to death about this Danielle. Hey- why don't you just do a show about her??? Nobody would watch!!! It's Danielle, Danielle, Danielle. I feel really sorry for those girls!


    @Abby: You want a straight recap of what happened on the show? Visit I appreciate your readership, but can assure you that we only want opinions and complete mockery of any Real Housewives episode from our reviewer.


    This "Real Housewife Correspondent" sucks, super bias opinions and it sounds like they are a fan on Danielle, i dont know whats worse, being Danielle or being a fan of Danielle. Gross. Get a new person to cover the show. I want a recap on what happened in the episode, not your opinions on how the aging prostitute should feel about her body.


    I agree Danielle has had enough air time. I would love to know what her daughters friends and there families think of her after all she is such a great role model for all young women out there. She can teach pole dancing and how to be an old has been whore.
    She could never be put in the same light as Dina Manzo. Dina has
    showed what a lady with such class is all about.

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