Danielle Staub Blames Blackmail for Sex Tape Release

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If there's one thing more digusting than the recently-released Danielle Staub sex tape photos... well, we can't think of it.

But if there's something that bothers us about celebrities across the board, it's when they throw themselves pity parties and/or present themselves in a phony manner. Just be true to who you are, people.

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In that regard, it was almost refreshing to listen to Staub basically admit she put her own sex tape out and not pretend as if it won't benefit her financially. Until a recent interview with Hollywood Life. Responding to accusations that she's behind the release of Danielle Staub Raw, the reality star said:

“I would never release my own sex tape. I would never do such a thing. I’m already in the media and we’re in season on the show, so why would I do something like this?”

Just a few gueses: more money? More attention? Because you're an insecure, pathetic excuse for a responsible mother?

Staub continued, telling the site: “I had a sexual relationship that was supposed to remain private. I was approached and I’ve been being blackmailed for quite some time and there’s NOTHING I could do to shut it down."

But... wait. Didn't you shut down the release of a previous video? It's called extortion, Danielle. There most definitely are legal steps you could take to prevent it.

“I feel like shit,” Staub concluded. “It bothers me, but I’m not ashamed. I’m a woman... I had a sexual relationship that was supposed to remain private and the fact that it’s not private shows the type of society this is. I’m not ashamed of my body or myself. I have thick skin."

Actually, based on the images that have surfaced, you have wrinky, unattractive skin. We really wish we didn't know that.


i can't stand this bitch. she is a nasty whore with no shame and no regard whatsoever for her 2 daughters. i hope they fire her ass and all her nasty thugs and friends from rhonj.


This woman is certainly making the most of her 15 minutes of fame. She looks like the Grinch and I am confused as to why Bravo is letting her and her ex-con thugs take the show down the dark path of drama. She certainly is not pretty, inside nor out. Now that the show is all about this dram queen, I will quit watching and hope she goes away. Nasty Grinch.


Blackmail..Sex Tapes...You will stoop to ANY level to line your pockets with money. You are a trashy w---- and your children should be removed from your home.


I so believe that the authorities should take this woman's two girls away from her! Those poor children. They have tried to talk
sense to her but she goes happily along, being the slut she is.
Bad Danielle, bad!


If you have a sexual relationship that is supposed to be private Danielle, then don't video tape any of your sexual escapades or end you will end up suffering the consequences of your stupid actions.


Why is she even on "Housewives of New Jersey?" She is ugly and does not represent this show at all. I feel sorry for her girls, although they will accept their mom no matter what but why subject the rest of us to it as I enjoy these shows without her of course.


At times like this we all wish we were blind... so we couldnt have to look at this trash. Im envious Stevie Wonder!


Her response is typical protocol for a sex tape release. It's so obvious that this was staged by her in an attempt to gain some share of the growing "cougar" market in the porn industry. The reason why these women claim to not have knowledge or that they were blackmailed is that they do not want to be labeled as porn stars. My issue is that they think that the general public are total idiots. Why would a celebrity make a sex tape if they thought that it would never be released?


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