Celebrity Hair Affair: Taylor Swift

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Earlier this week, Taylor Swift took down good friend Kellie Pickler in an epic Fashion Face-Off.

Over 75% of readers polled thought the country music superstar looked better at the CMT Awards than the former American Idol finalist.

Was that result due to Taylor's new hairstyle? Or in spite of it?

Below, we give fans a chance to compare Swift's two looks. No matter which you prefer, both options look much better than what Katherine Heigl did with her hair at the London premiere of Killers. YIKES!

  • Curls
  • Taylor Swift in Red

Which hairstyle looks best on Taylor Swift?


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Dishwater blonde. At least her make up artist has figured out how to bring out her beady eyes.


SHE'S UGLY! her eyebrows look wierd :/


u lookgood in both make ur desision by ur self


She's beautiful either way. I honestly can't choose! She's a sight for sore eyes... I've been looking at gossip about lindsay lohan, miley cyrus, and the kardashian girls all day... Glad to see one of the SMART ones.


she looks good. But im stil waiting to see her without so much friggn eye make up


she's still ugly.


what do u mean


She always reminds of the "lambchop" puppet!

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