Celebrity Hair Nightmare: Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl is hot. This has not changed.

Her recent hairstyle may be almost as bad as her attitude, however. Yeesh. Check out this sky high bouffant she wore to the London premiere of Killers this week.

To be fair, it's not all Katie's fault. The star ditched her signature blonde locks to play the main character in the film adaptation of the novel One for the Money.

It took some getting used to - for her as well.

I was pretty shocked at first... I was like, 'wow, it's dark, that's not just brown, that's black.' It took me a good day and a half to totally embrace it," she said.

Do you embrace it, though? Vote below ...

Katherine Heigl London Photo

Which hairstyle looks best on Katherine Heigl?


that's just what you think . nothing wrong with that . she looks amazing .


it doesn't make her head look big, a lot of big hair does that to people.


Are you kidding me? Women are their own worst critics. In my opinion Katherine Heigl is the most beautiful woman on this planet. It wouldn't matter if she was wearing a bee hive or 1980's big hair, she's a "knockout".


It's not that bad, I've seen a lot worse!


EEEKK what was she thinking!!!???


the new darker 'do looks very Annette Funicello *shudder*

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