Baby Mama Drama: Mel Gibson Files For Restraining Order Against Oksana Grigorieva

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Mel Gibson has filed for a restraining order against Oksana Grigorieva, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his eighth child (but not the first seven, whose mother he was married to when he knocked Oksana up, like all upstanding folks do).

The actor filed the paperwork under seal at the Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday. The plaintiff is listed as Mel Gibson and the defendant is Oksana Grigorieva.

Grigorieva was served the documents at her home. The case is sealed, meaning the documents cannot be released to the public, but reports say the complaint centers around three issues and Gibson's access to daughter Lucia.

Mel and Oksana in happier, home-wrecking times.

Mel Gibson filed for a temporary restraining order, a notice about a forthcoming court hearing as well as a notice of visitation rights and child custody.

He and Oksana Grigorieva, a Russian musician-singer, split in April after over a year of dating. Their split was described as amicable ... at that time.

However, she later hinted the break-up was complicated: "We have split up, suddenly and recently... Unfortunately, I cannot give you the reason."

"But you will find out everything quite soon."

Mel has been accused of an affair with Polish porn star Violet Kowal, but it's quite unclear if that actually happened or played a role in this breakup.

Last year, Gibson's wife Robyn filed for divorce after 30 years of marriage, right around when Mel and Grigorieva conceived their child together.


I just couldn't help but notice the shit all stupid smile on his face. As if He would be standing there with her if he was the night manager at a taco bell. Well she will end up with a good portion of what makes him attractive to hot woman half his age.


A cheater accuses the person she cheated with of cheating on her. Hell she should be entitled to at least half of what he owns. The nerve of the guy.


Do you know to whom you are wishing good luck ? Do you know her personnaly ? I do. All Russian people who knows her feel ashamed that she is from our country.I know Oksana personaly. She was living at Mel’shouse and daiting several other man at the same time. Our media should check out her past. What she was doing in England and how she was cheating on Timothy.She was never opera singer in Russia. I have articles from Russian magazines with all those agly stories about her. It’s easy to make Gibson look horrible.Only few years ago he was an American hero for million of people. Why we are listenning all those storys of this strange women ? May be she look good, but she is agly inside.


yep could see that coming... she got what she needed to set her up......mel the tool fool. (in aussie land.. a tool is an old guy who trys to crack onto young chicks...)

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