At Home With Prince, Paris & Blanket Jackson

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It's been almost a year since their famous father's death, and Michael Jackson's children have understandably attracted a great deal of attention in that time.

We've seen them at his memorial service, the Grammy Awards and on YouTube. But who are they really? They're unique individuals, each a bit like their dad.

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At 13, Prince Michael Jackson is, in the words of family, "very smart" and an aspiring filmmaker. A year younger, Paris Jackson is "the strongest" of the three.

That's according to their grandmother and guardian, Katherine Jackson, who recently opened up to London's Daily Mirror about caring for the star's children.

Their baby brother Blanket (real name Prince Michael Jackson II) is, well, a baby brother. His uncle, Jermaine Jackson, says he's a water-gun-toting prankster.

"As soon as you turn your back," he told London's Sun of Blanket, who his own son was accused of trying to taser, "he shoots you and you're left soaking wet."

While Katherine Jackson recently said the home-schooled Prince, Paris and Blanket "don't have any friends" she says they're going to school come September.

In a separate interview with the Associated Press, Katherine Jackson's lawyer Adam Streisand noted only that Prince Michael would be heading off to school.

But deep down, they're pretty regular kids, just like MJ wanted. They're upbeat, they're into video games, movies, karate, and just playing with each other.

If you caught Blanket going bonkers with his light saber moves YouTube, you already know he's come out of his shell a bit. His older siblings are no different.

The children are thriving, and what is often overlooked is how Michael Jackson, who lacked a real childhood himself, raised these three without mothers.

Perhaps he was more human than people gave him credit for being.

"The kids are happy," said their godfather and Michael's friend Mark Lester, the former child actor of Oliver! fame. "Things are settling down. That's good."

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Blanket is so cute omg!


Blanket is so cute omg!


I love lil Blanket he's so adorable!!!!!


All of jackson kids r very lucky to get wat they got so good luck n tha public sckl paris I love u mj


I really feel bad for tha 3 kids to lose there father. But all though I am glad tht paries is gonig to a public sckl to meet new friends an evathang. The mother of jackson shld b very prod of wat son jackson hav dne. So I rreally hope things go good wit u parise an ur 2 bros an we really lov u micheal


I feel soooo sorry for the jackson children.I know Micheal is probabaly flipping in his grave right now,as we speak. Seems to me Mother Katherine,along with the rest of the Jackson family would respect Michael's wishes, as to keeping the children out of the spotlight.One thing he made clear to us all,was that he did not want his children "exposed". Yet, and still,they seem to be. I have no choice,but to wonder if the Jackson family is doing this for themselves,or the children? They appear to have something agaist always being in the public eye,but everytime you pick up a newspaper,they are on the cover,and every time you turn on the television,they always make thr top story.Makes you wonder...


Let the children be children, let Michaels' children decide for themselves if they want to be in the music industry and follow their fathers legacy.
Whether they are astronauts, or firemen/woman, or post office workers, or just a grocery store bagger, they'll be respected for who they are, because they will have earned their place in society on their own. I believe Michael Jackson was the most humane person than anyone would like to believe. I'll miss him, as he was my idol for many years, but life goes on. RIP Michael.


Paris looks like her mom alot,prince michael looks like a combo of his mom and dad and blanket looks just like his dad I feel really sorry for their loss MJ was a really kind soft spoken man they are cute kids


Paris looks like her mother debbie rowe,prince Michael 1 looks like a mix of his parents, and Prince Michael 2 is definetly michael's, he has his dad's eyes, nose, and mouth,and hair color they are cute kids i feel really sorry for them


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