Mark Lester on Paris Jackson Paternity: It's Possible

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Former child star Mark Lester, a longtime friend of Michael Jackson and the godfather of his children, spoke out on the Today show about rumors that he is actually the biological father of one or more of the late King of Pop's offspring.

Specifically, he thinks he might be the father of Paris Jackson, 11.

These rumors were started by Mark Lester himself, and not without at least some merit - the Oliver! star says he once gave Michael Jackson a sperm donation.

A chiropractor and the father of four daughters of his own in London, Mark Lester, 51, said that years ago Jackson sought his sperm because the pop superstar wanted kids but for whatever reason wasn't  "up to" it physically

Michael Jackson was "shy when it came to women," said Lester, who added that it was extremely difficult for his friend to "perform the sexual act."

Even so, Matt Lauer asked, why did he need Mark Lester's sperm?

"That I don't know," said Lester after a long pause. He said he never asked questions about it or donated the sperm under any sort of conditions.

Mark Lester's story about donating sperm to Michael Jackson is beyond strange. But he seems, by and large, to be honest, candid and harboring no ulterior motive.

Another MJ friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, gave sperm to the singer and is rumored to be the kids' father. Klein says he's not, "to the best of my knowledge."

Lester told Lauer that he stepped forward with the story that he may be the father of Paris Jackson because "the story was going to break in any event" in the UK and he wanted to present the case and for his children to hear it from him.

While Mark Lester's ex-wife has subsequently stepped forward to dispute her former spouse's declarations, Michael's mother and the children's legal guardian, Katherine Jackson, says the claims are not in the best interests of the children.

Lester says he is not claiming paternity and has no agenda for speaking out other than that he wants to maintain a relationship with Michael's children.

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I do not for a minute believe that MJ fathered ANY of those children. They are WHITE, through and through. There is no African American in them that anyone can see. MJ looked white after all his surgeries. WHAT?? not one inherited his nose? His curls? .... They are beautiful kids who are grieving the loss of their father, that is true... no one can dispute that he loved his children biological or not. But I do believe the Dr. is the father of at least the older two. They look like him.


Paris is bi-racial, and Harriet looks more like Mrs. Rowe than Paris does!


Clarice - I also think Mark has an unhealthy obsession with Paris. Thought this when he talked to Hello magazine before these father rumours came out.


i think you should just leave the kids alone. they just lost thier father. they loved him so much. i also think that if you think you are the father don't tell them the loved their fater.


well,no matter what's the story behid the "sperm donation'..we all know that mj became a true father to his kids...-love you mj_(/.-)


mark. obvisouly wants the attention on him and his daughter. he has to get over it. uncle mike is the father of paris.


people would do anything for fame
look at this roting idiot? w
even if its true, why wud u come now to say u r av the interest of the child at heart all that interests me in the writeup is Mj not "been up to havign sex".how come? people shud leave MJ alone I dont believe any of these men r those childrens kids.FULL STOP the only person that can tell us the REAL sperm donor is Debbie Rowe and to me,
Michael JACKSON is the father to these 3 kids. Yall heard Paris at the memorial


Entertaiment Tonight with Diane Dimond is the worse piece of Investigative Reporting I've ever seen. If Entertainment Tonight doesn't take that off, the will lose major ratings. I would like to see Entertainment Tonight put Mark Lester's wife's comments on the air. But they won't because that evil will never cover anything that makes her a seem like she's promoting lies. What type of stupid interview was that she gave to that London Doctor who claimed to have STOLE a box of MJ's medication from a hotel. That stupid Dimond didn't even ask a follow up question like "why would steal from his hotel if that's what you claim?"

Avatar The ex-wife of Mark Lester has sensationally blown apart claims he is the father of Michael Jackson's daughter Paris, insisting: "He's living in a fantasy world." Jane Lester says her former husband of 13 years was not even in contact with Jacko at the time he alleges to have donated his sperm. "To the best of my knowledge, Mark was not regularly in touch with Michael Jackson until two years after his daughter Paris was born," said Jane, 52, the mother of Mark's four children.


this guy is a straight up idiot. enough said. leave poor paris alone.

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