Blanket Jackson Goes Bonkers on YouTube

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Michael Jackson's children have remained largely out of the spotlight since the music icon's death, making these newly-discovered videos all the more surprising.

A series of home videos showing eight-year-old Prince Michael Jackson II (a.k.a. Blanket) dancing, singing and reciting movie quotes have surfaced on YouTube.

He is very cute and full of energy.

In this clip, Blanket can be seen bouncin' around and singing with cousin Donte (one of Jermaine Jackson's sons ... not the one who tried to taser Blanket) ...

It's unclear who leaked these videos and why, but they provide a rare glimpse into the daily life of MJ's youngest son, who's always been shrouded in mystery.

Follow the jump for two more videos of Blanket, known for being the shyest of Michael's kids, revealing his extroverted side and reenacting a from Star Wars.

Blanket also likes to pretend he's Vincent van Gogh, and makes references to Mike Wazowski, presumably a reference to the creature from Monsters, Inc.:

[video url="" title="Blanket Does Star Wars"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Blanket is Awesome"] [/video]


you people running yall mouths need to leave Mike alone the mans dead stop hatin thats all im hearing leave that man children alone let that man kids be kids stop bringing up old stuff this is 2012 that boy lied on Mj because his parents knew mj was rich that boy is nothing but a liar and he will.go down in history as a liar thats not good to make up stories so you can get money for it thats some bs i dont care what nobody says about Mj i love his music he made beautiful music all of it i have nothing but love for him he is and always will be a king of pop hes deffently a true legend rip Mj you will never be forgotten always remember that


you are so wrong...biologically not jermaine's son jermaine adopted Donte when he married his brother Randy's ex-wife, donte has a twin Randy, jr who stays with his father Randy and Jermaine's brother-----oooo weeeeeeee what a family drama that was.....yucky mama purely yucky!!!!!


Why is no-one saying how outrageous this is? These are children and we have no right to watch them. Did any of us have cameras in our faces when we were children? And don't tell me they're famous so they chose it - they didn't choose this. I'm with Dan. Not clicking.


I also have not clicked on the video clip. Interesting isn't it, that a media consistently saying the Jackson family exploit these children now falls over itself to cover this story, and directly void the clear wishes of Michael Jackson not exposing his children publicly. Why is this journalist particpating in this?


How Dickensian of you - tutors, supervision, etc. God forbid that a little boy who lost his only parent should have a little fun! If you can't understand him, maybe you need your hearing checked. Or maybe you should just realize that everything is not for you. It's none of your business how the Jacksons bring up those children.


I can hardly understand most of what he said except when he said "Mike Wazowski"....... There was also another video of Paris where she says: "Monkey, please HELP". Do these kids have any supervision? Where's their tutor?????? Do they have any friends outside the home? I don't believe someone hacked into their computer. Someone inside that nut house put those videos on you tube. Joe Jackson is lying when he said their computers were hacked. Someone please help these kids.


He is very cute, looks just like MJ, and he's full of happy energy. But you're wrong about Donte - he is not Jermaine's son.


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