ARod, AnnaLynne and More: Photos from the Eclipse Premiere

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At last night's Hollywood premiere of Eclipse...

... Robert Pattinson faced off against Taylor Lautner for the title of Hottest Star.

... Kellan Lutz went up against Peter Facinelli.

... Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed engaged in a pretty-off.

... And Kristen Stewart wore an ugly dress.

But there were many other sightings on the red carpet, including Kellan Lutz's girlfriend; Kellan Lutz's underwear; a famous baseball player; and so many Kardashian sisters we may have lost count.

Sort through the photos below from the event and determine the best and worst dressed. First, though, ogle Robert, Kristen and Taylor some more:

Hot Trio
Hot in Maroon
K. Stew Picture
Kiss from AnnaLynne
Random Twilight Fan
Star Signing
ARod on the Red Carpet
Cute Goof
Jackson Rathbone Pic
Jaden Smith Pic
M Squared
So Many Kardashians
Shot of JLH

[Photos: Splash News]


Robert; Kristen; Taylor -- over exposed!


WTF?? What are you talking about??!!! Kristen's dress was the best one there!! Obviously you have no taste since you didn't comment on Nikki's dress looking like a peacock and Bryce in yellow. Yuck! Ashley looked like she dressed in her bed sheets! Kristen is gorgeous but obviously you have no taste in that either! Get a life! Write positive or don't write nothing at all! Go slam on someone else -hey try yourself!! I'm sure there is plenty there to go on about!


I'm glad to see that the Swamp Thing made it to the premier to support all of his monster friends - oops! that's Amber Rose.