What is Ashley Greene's Best Look?

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After a few days of contentious contract negotiations, Ashley Greene signed on for Breaking Dawn. Thank goodness!

This means the beautiful young actress will often be in the news and on various magazine covers going forward. Therefore, it's vital that she determines her best look, don't you think?

Rihanna in Vogue

(Editor's note: yes, we know Greene's best look is 100% naked, but those photos have been removed from the Internet, so let's move on to the second choice, okay?)

Below, we've pitted Ashley against herself. Study the photos closely and then sound off afterwards...

What is Greene's best look?


I was just gonna say that lol, shes not really made down in eaither i would almost say that the "made down" is more made up than anythign she has way more eye makeup on just less lip stick. Eaither way she is super pretty but i agree she looks better with the smokey eye then with the bright lips


Which one is made-up and made-down?
She's got lots of make-up on in both pictures! I vote for the smokey eye look over the pink lipstick look though...

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