Michelle McGee Unmoved By "Generic" Jesse James Interview, Wants Attention

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Some people may have seen Jesse James' tearful interview on Nightline and been impressed at how he bared his soul, maybe even feeling a little sorry for him.

Michelle McGee is definitely not one of them.

"I do think things were avoided," his mistress told In Touch afterward. "Like details of our affair. He seemed to gloss over everything and it was very generic."

Poor thing is upset she didn't get a mention! Jesse admitted he "hurt" Sandra, but Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is upset that he didn't bring up her, as well.

"What about the other people he hurt along the way? I was just hoping for some acknowledgment of the pain and embarrassment he caused myself and others."

Look, lady. YOU outed the affair for MONEY. Then YOU continue to comment on every story and try to cash in at every turn. Who do you think you're fooling?

Michelle Bombshell Picture

Whatever Jesse James does, a Michelle McGee response is sure to follow.

On a slightly more legitimate note, McGee does take issue with some of James' proclamations, such as a statement that deep down, he wanted to get caught.

"No. He took every precaution NOT to get caught. I was only allowed to come up during after hours. We could never go get food - even at his own restaurant."

As for Jesse blaming his cheating on his father's abuse?

"I do believe something happened with his dad," Michelle said. "He talked about it one night. He said he hadn't talked to his Dad for years and he hated him."

However ... "I believe people could react that way as a result of abuse, but is this the reason for cheating with multiple women? I'm not sure I'm convinced."

Lastly, McGee is worried - for Sandra Bullock, and that she will fall for Jesse's tears:"I have my suspicions that they will be still together but not in public."

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