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Embattled, cheating husband Jesse James is not contesting Sandra Bullock’s divorce filing, nor her desire to raise adopted baby son Louis on her own.

We’ll never be accused of sympathy for James after the seed spreading he did, but if there ever were a case of a publicist hijacking a story, this is it.

According to reports, Jesse James was right by Sandra Bullock’s side when she posed with the baby boy for her huge People photo shoot and story.

Sandra Bullock is a Winner
(Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards)

Not only was James present, he was “incredible with both Sandra and Louis” and created a “healthy, loving and positive atmosphere” throughout the shoot.

The story was released along with Bullock’s first comments about James’ affairs with Michelle McGee et al., basically glossing over his involvement.

Sure, People and Sandra Bullock sort of screwed him over, but Jesse James made his own bed, now he must lay in it. Or get laid by Michelle McGee in it. You get the idea.

Also interestingly, the photos were taken March 9 – two days after the Oscars, and just a few days before the Jesse James cheating scandal first broke.

Photographers were seen carrying baby clothes into Bullock’s house that day, although no explanation (or announcement of the baby) was provided.

Sandra was apparently oblivious to Jesse’s alleged affairs when the pictures were snapped. Fast forward a month and a half, and voila, cover story.

Sort of lying by omission in a way.

The question: Are there photos of James and Louis People just scrapped or declined to mention? Not that any of this matters, but it’s interesting.