Kristi Gibson Helped Save the Life of Bret Michaels

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The fact that Bret Michaels will likely make a full recovery and possibly even return to his tour this summer is amazing.

But here's something even more astounding: the promiscuous rocker has a girlfriend!

Clearly the most patient, understanding woman in the world, Kristi Gibson hasn't stopped caring for Bret despite his televised macking of reality show contestants on VH1. She traveled to the hospital with him on April 21, as Michaels suffered a brain hemorrhage.

"I'm used to being calm, because of the times when his blood sugar has gone low, and if I freak out, he freaks out," Gibson told People.

The mother of Bret's two kids, Kristi detailed the scene in the ambulance that night: "I held his hand and told him, 'It's going to be okay.' Just from his eyes, you could tell how much pain he was in. I wanted to take away that pain so bad."

Michaels has referred to his 16-year, off-and-on relationshop with Gibson as a "positive work on progress." If that's the case, it took a huge leap forward with this incident and her reaction to it.

"In most of our world, Bret's the hero, but in this situation, Kristi was the hero – she saved his life," says Michaels' guitarist and close pal, Pete Evick.


Your the most amazing man ever. I am glad to see you are having a wonderful recovery. I hope that keep if the god work with you health. You have a wonderful woman and two amazing girls to live for. I will always love you and the things you do. I hope to be able to meet you one day. You are my bucket list. I will pray for when you have your operation. You are a strong and amazing guy who I know will make this operation seem like a walk in the park. Your my dream guy. Take care of yourself and your family. Keep rocking out with that new show. Your greatest fan, Joann


Brett, I didn't know who you were until I saw you on The Celebrity Apprentice. I liked you on the program - you seemed reasonable, considerate, etc. But when you cried over the possibility of your daughter having diabetes, that touched me.
After your recovery now focus on the family which seems to mean so much to you.


SO GLAD that Bret's Back! It would've been horrible to lose him. It would be like losing a piece of my history,as in the way I feel toward Kevin DuBrow from Quiet Riot passing some time ago...I define so many of my greatest and even worst moments by songs(both present and past)that when one from a crew that I like so much(such as last years passing of Billy Powell from Lynyrd Skynyrd)that it greatly effects the way I think about and appreciate each new day...
Many Prop's to Kristi Gibson for being there when he needed her most,and for hanging in there when she didn't know if he was going to make-it or not. That's a good woman...
Way to Go,Bret! Once more,stay healthy,brother! Stay healthy and enjoy your new lease on life! Your Pal;Hollywood...


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