The Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video: What a Disappointment!

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Man, what a tease.

After hearing about a video that depicted Miley Cyrus giving Adam Shankman a lap dance at last year's wrap party for The Last Song, we were excited to watch it and lay into Miley like usual.

We had the puns all ready: Miley Cyrus? More like Miley SIN-rus!

Alas, the minute-long tape has now been leaked - and it's disappointingly tame. If parents truly yanked their kids from this gathering because Miley was acting too lewd, well, they really shouldn't show their children her "Can't Be Tamed" video.

Check out this scarcely dirty bit of dancing below.


I love you so muchhhhhhhh miley


She's very disgustig but i like her alot


I love u miley cyrus. Happy for her she is not a goody to shoe she is herself.GO MILEY CYRUS.why did my turn this why i love her long hair nad this happy 😓😥😫😩


Yeah n babe gal u luk luk you wre trainng your self


Wow I love u miley jst keep on going am ur biggest fan am eighteen if u need a bck up singer pls say yes to me nd gv me ur private FAN no. I love u


Go Miley I want one to


its totes normal. like she bhaves all goody 2 shoes all d tym wit all these role model shit im glad she be herself for once. u ar b-u-tiful miles luv u jst hv fun


well she is jus tryin to have fun but also remeber the fact that he usto be her manager nd people dont do that to 4o or somewat guys like i am a fan of her musci nd show but why do it to a 40 or somewat year old guy at least a person ur age


ok people really need to chill out. i'm not a massive fan of miley, but i give her props for being herself! i'm 16, people my age and younger do this, i don't know why people act so suprised. she's a TEENAGER. it was a private party and she;s just being herself.


THAT'S NOT LAP-DANCING!!!!!!!!! That's dry humping! Lol


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Miley Cyrus has evolved tremendously over the years. Initially known for portraying Hannah Montana, the singer/actress made an effort to... More »
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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

Miley Cyrus [at a concert, soon after photo scandal broke]

I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

Miley Cyrus [on lewd photos]