The City Recap: Olivia is Professionally Dangerous

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Okay. If you've watched 30 seconds of The City in your life, you know Olivia Palermo's "job" (term used loosely) at Elle is menial at best, and utterly pointless at worst.

Most jobs, especially in the world of fashion, are a bit less glamorous than you think. Still, there are deadlines, meetings, places to go, things to do, people to meet, etc.

That's why it's called work, in other words. Unless you're Olivia Palermo.

Whitney Port on the Gram

In last night's episode, "Professionally Dangerous," she proved very much so. Because for her, a job doesn't mean she shows up where and when she's supposed to.

Olivia was assigned (obviously) to interview Whitney Port for

But she didn't go to Whitney's thing because she wasn't feeling it, and hung with her real friends instead! That's what career is - doing whatever the f*%k you want!

BEYOND USELESS: Palermo sets the bar lower and lower each week.

To borrow one of our favorite Office Space quotes: So Olivia .... what would ya say ya DO here?! Nothing. Forget stirring the pot with Erin, she's just dead weight.

Commitments, accomplishments, reliability, even merely showing up - overrated really. One needn't have a reputation for any of the above to keep a job in 2010.

Not at one of the top fashion magazines, at least. At this point, it's clear Elle gave her a fake job for publicity, otherwise this would never happen. Minus 120.

A quick plus-minus recap of the rest ...

The photographer says shooting wars and Whitney's clothing line are both "extreme." A little much, but Plus 2 anyway for the heavy flirting going on. Hot!

After Olivia fails to show up, Erin Kaplan says she should be embarrassed. True, but that's as bad as it gets for O - complaints, not consequences. Minus 6.

A FAMILIAR EXPRESSION: Now if only Erin could/would fire her ...

Meanwhile, Roxy's out with Zach, and things are going pretty well, but for some reason, she can't stop talking about her dog in L.A. Dude, no one cares. Even.

Kelly to Whitney: "Take this bitch out. You have to let people who are toxic and dangerous to you know you’re going to f*%king fight back!" Plus 15. Thank you!

Sadly, Minus 5 'cause Whitney Port blows it. By not pinning her against a wall and pimp-slapping the $h!t out of her, she allows Olivia to just get up and leave.

Ever the disciplinarian, an angry Joe Zee forced Olivia to take Whit to lunch as penance. So he punishes her with more time away from work. Great. Minus 6.

TOTAL: -120. SEASON: -109.

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