Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video: In Existence!

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Miley Cyrus has tried to warn people: she can't be tamed!


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    v all do wrong and regret latr. plz get a life. N stop watchin porn


    lady gaga is well in her 20's and has a look of her own, miley needs to stop being a slut and stealing other peoples style.


    she is being lady gaga and she says she belives in god


    Okay. In a way i feel for Miley. She shouldnt have done this.But its not all her fault. Most actress's that start there career as a kid end up nuts, knocked-up, druggie's etc... But if her parents had some sense they would set her straight. She is gonna be the new Britney Spears in about 5 to 8 years. We all know that. What happend to that sweet, innocent, 14 year old girl? She is gone now. And the song Can't be tamed...Really Miley??? It is way different from her other songs like Party in the USA. Miley needs help....more importantly a good influence. Someone save her before she is gone forever.


    hello miley cyrus see you


    she's awesome! dont call her a slut biches, your all jealous.


    i masterbaited to this


    She is just being a slut slut slut.I used to look up to her.Now she is lapancing and kissing girls she is just out of her league.She used to be a cool teenager now i have just changed my mind tottaly!


    i know shes 16 and everything but if your going to dance like that then 1. do it with someone your own age not someone nearly 3 times your age!!!! 2. DO IT IN PRIVATE!!


    Okay I'm not a hater to Miley or anything I get it shes a teenager that wants to have and yes we all do shit that stupid and regret later but the man gay or not he IS a 44 yr old man she shouldn't be lap dancing someone that old!!!!. But I've read some of these comments of the men who are defending her because they sat shes hot, but lets say thats your daughter what would you do? Just let her lap dance and 44 yr old producer?

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