The Bachelorette: Who Will Be Mr. Ali Fedotowsky?

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Who will Ali Fedotowsky choose to spend the rest of her life with?

We begin to answer that question this evening on the sixth season premiere of The Bachelorette as 25 aspiring trophy husbands compete for air time her affection.

If The Bachelorette spoilers, based on reliable intel, are to be believed, we already know who her final two suitors are ... but more on that in just a moment.

Regardless, it should be a wild ride for Ali Fedotowsky, the beautiful, energetic and charismatic career-oriented woman who has at last "re-prioritized her life."

The whole "I'm choosing my career" thing was likely a ploy to get out of marrying Jake Pavelka and land this gig, but either way, the soul mate search is on!

Ali Fedotowsky and Chris Harrison

Beautiful Ali Fedotowsky and host-pimp Chris Harrison are ready to tag-team The Bachelorette starting tonight. Tag-team it in a manner of speaking, of course.

Her quest won’t disappoint conflict-hungry fans: “There is definitely a bit of drama," Ali said. "Rumors are rumors. Whether there is truth to them, I can’t say."

"There was a lot of emotion, good and bad.”

We've withheld their names so far, but you're curious, follow the jump to see the two guys supposedly in the running for Ali's heart on The Bachelorette finale ...

Chris Lambton was a high school teacher who left teaching in NYC to return home to take care of his ailing mother, who died in 2008. He lives on Cape Cod.

He is said to be a good guy who is wary of telling Ali Fedotowsky his story because he doesn’t want sympathy, but rather to have her like him for who he is.

A graduate of Providence College, Chris Lambton is 33 and taught public school for about a decade before the aforementioned return to Massachusetts.

Ali is also from the Bay State! Will that give Chris an edge?!

Not if Roberto Martinez has anything to say about it. The 26-year-old insurance agent is rumored to be the other gentleman in Ali's final two with Chris.

It's also been said that he was a pro baseball player at some point, but that could be complete BS ... or some other Roberto Martinez. You never can tell.

While endlessly entertaining, The Bachelorette will embellish any "back story" or conflict to generate ratings, so you can't really believe what you're told.

That being said, we have it on good authority that these two make the finals. Who do you think Ali will pick, Chris Lambton (left) or Roberto Martinez?


lol i just read that ali isnt gonna pick ayone because she dosnt know what she whats and she dosnt want to hurt eathier of them but i think she will pick roberto even though i want her to pick chris roberto she likes and they have more chemistry but if FRANK didnt go back to his ex then she would definatlty pick him he is the one she wants but i think hes weird i nick named him FREAKY FRANK


I think both are awesome, but Chris definately compliments Ali! Whoever she selects, I hope she finds complete happiness!


chris is a great guy but shes gonna pick roberto they have more chemisrty. but robertos family acts like robertos to good for her ? but im pretty sure that the pick is goingg to be hotttt roberto :)


It's a hard decision...Chris is so genuine and wholesome...Roberto...loving and fun....May the right decision be made....How can she sleep with one one nite and then the other the next nite..Come's crazy and not realistic...Get a good life Ali and make the right choice...Chris wants a good home life and deserves it..Cape Cod is a wonderful place to live...Looking forward to the finale...Forget Jake...he's a loser


she is tottaly going to pick roberto he is soooo hot


i think she will merry the white guy because her family hates beaners plus white guys have big peeeenis


I think Ali should pick Chris because he's seriously the one for her. You can the see by the way he looks at her, he really loves her. Ali and Chris are perfect for each other. Chris' family also seems to like her a lot.


i love roberto and the way him and ali connect they have a click in the way they look at each other. what about his smile? come on it makes me melt. he just seems so perfect for ali..... i due have to admit though that chris is a very nice guy i just have my eye on roberto. but its not my desition its ali.


I would pick Chris, only because Roberto's family think he is too good for her and she is after his fame & fortune.



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