Spencer Pratt Calls Cops on Darlene Egelhoff; Heidi Montag's "Psycho" Mom Forced Off Premises

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On The Hills Tuesday night, Spencer Pratt threatened to call the cops on Holly Montag if his wife's sister didn't leave his property. Idle threat? Apparently not!

Police were dispatched to Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's home just hours ago after the couple called for help, saying Heidi's mother was refusing to leave.

Heidi confirmed this to TMZ: "My mom just showed up to the house unannounced ... after what she did to me on national TV, I have no desire to see her."

Montag is referring to a recent episode of The Hills in which Darlene Egelhoff said point blank that she did not approve of her daughter's plastic surgeries.

This week, Spencer claimed Darlene "tried to rape Heidi emotionally" and called her "just a vagina" who brought Heidi into the world, but is not special.

Welcome 2 the Freak Show

Heidi Montag is done with her mom's emotional abuse!

Heidi notified her personal security team when her mom showed up "pounding on the door." Darlene spoke with the police but has now left the premises.

She continues, "Her showing up is completely out of line and psychotic. I’m getting a restraining order against her." No arrests were made in the incident.

Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Leffew said:

"Officers arrived on the scene and advised the mother that since her daughter is an adult, she doesn't have to speak to [the mom] if she doesn't want to. The mother said 'fine, no problem' and left. There were no citations or arrests."

Heidi Montag promises this isn't the end of all the drama: "I made it very clear that I want nothing to do with her in my life right now," she tells People.

"I'm sick to my stomach she would even do something like this. She needs to stay away from me. I’m planning on getting a restraining order against her."

Heidi's Mom is Pissed

Heidi Montag's mom, Darlene Egelhoff, isn't smiling right now.


To This Day I Still Cant Believe Heidi Will Let Spencer Talk About Her Mother Like That Is Just Unbelievable, I Dont Feel Sorry Nor Sad For Them ...... Lauren Was So Right About Everything She Said About Spencer , But Heidi Inst The Victim Neither !!!! SMH !


I enjoyed your blog. Saves me a bunch of time from watching this crap. VAGINA LOL. GOOD STUFF.


Stop trying make one person an angel and the other a devil. They are both messed up young humans spiraling downhill. It's hard to feel sorry for them because of all that money though but you can see they really are messed up despite all the money in the world. :/


Spencer is a pussy as biotch....he's either a damn good actor or insane....and i think im gonna go with insane.....they have not only most likely screwed up their careers but probably with their family and friends when years from now they are gonna want them back, and crystals wont help mend that...its really very sad


really?? emotional abuse? Heidi there are people in the world who have actually gone through real emotional abuse. Just because your mom stated her opinion about you plastic enhancements isn't a call for emotional abuse...and as of you saying she humiliated you on national tv...1st off you and your husband' irrational attention getting behavior has already done that for you 2nd ummmm your the one that choose to have that filmed on MTV, and unless its all an act, isn't this reality tv?? ADIVICE TO SPENCER: get help before you wind up in jail..or worse.


When will The Hills' producers stop inviting Darlene on the show? Her negative spirit and demeaning attitude is choking the life out of everyone coming into contact with her. She can't be interested in Heidi's happiness. Otherwise she'd be the first one to support her. It's good she lives in a small Colorado town. That way her dreadfulness doesn't spread to a large populated area. So why must a haz mat team clean up everything Darlene comes into contact with?


Here's the really scary thing. Once the show goes off the air and they are not getting the attention they need Heidi will do something very predictable. Get Pregnant! And if so then Social Services should be at the hospital when she delivers to put the baby in protective custody somewhere safe. These two are truly demented and insane.


i just read that Heidi dad supports spencer is he nuts too!!I feels so bad for mom but i appauld her for trying because that is her child she should do everything she can to try to save her so should everyone who loves her but it getting to where the only thing left is praying for them (when did they go from god to crystals ???? i missed that boat} mabie if and when all the attention they seek is gone theyll come out of the fog but-----i have a bad feeling this is going to end bad!!!!


The way both of them are behaving will lead to noone offering them any work. I can see their sole income coming from Spencer forcing Heidi to do porn. Yes indeed, he has her looking like a porn star now...she is ready to be the breadwinner, because he certainly is not an actor. I still see huge drama coming from these two and him harming her. Mark my words.
BTW...what gall he has to call her Mother "just a vagina"?


Heidi is brainwashed,she obviously has low self esteem issues. She doesn't seem to be able to think for herself. Spencer is very controlling and a total idiot. His parents must be very disappointed in his behavior. He called Heidi's mom a vagina. I imagine his opinion of his own mother is the same. He's a useless, no talent loser! Heidi needs to open her eyes and break free of this abuser, I'm sure he abuses her physically and mentally.

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