Should Betty White Host the Academy Awards?

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Thanks to Betty White, the May 8 edition of Saturday Night Live posted the show's highest ratings in 18 months.

That hilarious hosting gig came about as the result of a passionate group of White supporters on Facebook, who created a group that pressured NBC to consider the actress.

Now, fans of White are at it again: the Facebook page "Getting Betty White to Host the Academy Awards” has amassed over 6,000 followers since launching Sunday night.

Not shabby support for an 88-year old former sitcom star. But will it enough to land her the job?

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Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin served as co-hosts of last year's ceremony. Though each made us laugh a bunch of times, let's be honest: Oscar fashion has become a hotter topic than anything related to the ceremony itself.

Choosing White as next year's MC would go a long way toward changing that.

Do you think this is a good idea? Should Betty White host the Academy Awards?


no way - just like anything a child says can be funny any thing an old lady says seems funny - she was good of Golden Girls but not just a dirty old lady / she should act with some dignity and respect for her self too bad at her age she's that hard up for money


I've always adored Betty's humor and straight-forth attitude. She is an absolute delight,however at her age she does not need the pressure of hosting a show that is so demanding in audience approval.Betty White should attend the Academy Awards as a guest.


hey that's 88 and a half years old


can you post the link for the page? i can't find it on FB. Thanks.

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