Rachel Uchitel Text Messages to David Boreanaz: Sexually Explicit, Clingy, Kind of Pathetic

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Rachel Uchitel became a household name as Tiger Woods’ mistress.

But before she started the chain of events that sent Elin Woods into a 9-iron wielding rage and crushed Tiger's image and face, she was David Boreanaz's mistress.

This isn't a new revelation, but Uchitel is once again under scrutiny after a different woman came forward alleging an affair with the married Boreanaz this month.

Boreanaz went public with his infidelity, claiming the second chick tried to extort him in exchange for silence. But it appears his fling with Uchitel was more intense.

Newly-leaked Blackberry messages between them show Rachel being graphically seductive one minute, then raging mad for not spending time with her the next.

When mistresses wanna be exclusive, it gets ugly.

His wife, Jaime Bergman, was pregnant with their second child, and even though he texted Rachel during the labor, that wasn't enough for Uchitel. Here's an exchange:

Boreanaz: "This is not a good time."

Uchitel: “I can’t do this anymore. Just go. Just (bleeping) go and be with her.”

Boreanaz: “Why do u act like such a (bleeping) child!!! She is my wife”

Uchitel: “Oh, please!! You’re such a liar. You’re never leaving. You’ve wasted my time and I'm alone. I can’t f*%king be alone anymore. I’ve been alone my entire life.”

Boreanaz: “What the HELL are you talking about. We spend more than enough time together.”

You get the idea. The text messages offer a rare, explicit look inside an affair between two people who would later go on to make major gossip headlines for ... affairs.

Things were serious between Rache and the Bones star for awhile, it appears. Here's a back-and-forth in response to some (apparently graphic) photos he sent her ...

Uchitel: My favorite is you c***ing ... that face you make

Boreanaz: OMG !!! I can't wait to F**K you! I want my puma soooooo bad, you are soooo f*%ing HOT!!!

Uchitel: I need you inside of me. I want to taste you.

In another exchange, Uchitel tells Boreanaz that she is arriving in L.A., where they hooked up at the swanky L'Hermitage Hotel - with David footing the bill.

Uchitel also references another location and secret tryst, having flown out of La Guardia airport with Boreanaz on June 21, 2009, for a three-day hook up.

Finally, she told David Boreanaz that she needs to be "the only one."

Boreanaz: "That is extremely IMPOSSIBLE at this stage in my life, I fear Jamie will not let me see the baby."

Asked for comment via her lawyer, Gloria Allred, Uchitel issued a statement:

"Rachel Uchitel has reviewed the text messages alleged to be between her and David Boreanaz. She believes they are not authentic and someone is deliberately trying to portray her in a false light. Ms. Uchitel strongly asserts that these texts should not be published."

Sure thing, Gloria. Because if we can think of anyone with impeccable credibility, it's that serial home-wrecking, money-grubbing floozy Rachel Uchitel.


Thats how this whore makes her money. Never heard David say making love, he said fu#$÷×# not words of love. Hope he learned his lesson, let here move onto the next guy, they pass her around now. All men know about her so if they get in volved its for the hot monkey sex she puts out not for love.


It's just the good Old American Way. Live it..Everybody loves and needs Money even AllllllRed, Gawd whata laugh. So what if the boys get a little nip now and then.


She says she's always alone, lie, she surely doesn't go to bed alone like the wovess who stay at home waiting,)Is her name Uchitel or u can tell ?


I need to know how many men has she done like that. She must be very rich by now, especially if she can afford Ms Allred. Why Ms Allred, shame on you but then again isn't that the way you make your $$$, with clients like that Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm those mistresses of sorts. If I was to meet you, I'd have a few chosen words...One day, someone told me that that was your way if paying the heavy fees for becoming a lawyer...Shame on you lady...
Too many of them hanging around waiting to break marriages. It's a NO NO to think that if a man takes on a mistress is forever. A mistress will always be just that, a mistress, nothing more...maybe rich, but still a third class s**t wich is just as worse as the yucky ones on the rear streets...Skanks, yup


I don't know what men think when they get hooked up with a woman with her REP. She is really qell known, and the men, whom ever they are knnow of her and still get it on with her...Is it that true that a man has two heads but never seems to use the right one fir the right thing ???
I think it's true. She seemingly does it for the riches it brings, what else for. She doesn't seem to have any qualms about being in love/bed or what not, she just wanders from one another at the drop of a hat or $$$. Shame on a woman like that. My ex cheated on me, and as much as I loved him, I couldn't bare his touching me after that. I tried bur no more sex after the SEWER he'd been in. Finally, I threw him to the curve. What is the disease of always cheating, pray tell me someone????????????? Diane from Canada, yes we have them here too...


"Rachael has really made alot of cash by exposing these cheaters." It's more than that. Because she keeps saying how alone she is and how alone she's always been, I think there's some serious counselling needed.


I bet she stinks from almost everyone being down there except maybe for the Kennedy boys.


Rechael has really made alot of cash by exposing these cheaters. i hope thier wives divorce them one by one. Rechael in particular has no husband that she is cheating on, so it´s not her fault. she is just making money. marriead men should learn how to be good husbands and fathers. men should learn how to say NO to cheating...


This is more than sickening, and as far as these w****s go, I can't believe that Gloria Alred has gotten involved with such low life clients. I used to respect her. Now I am wondering if she isn't in the same category as all of the woman that cheated with the married men!!! Didn't know she was that hard up to take any client!!!


I knew she was the one trying to extort money from Boreanaz to keep silent because this is what she and Gloria GoRed did with Tiger Woods! I read sometime ago that Boreanaz had an affair with Rachel (Uglytel) Uchitel last year while his wife was pregnant. After that Uchitel (Uglytel) became involved with Tiger Woods. Tiger may have known about Uchitel's affair with Boreanaz, as one of his alleged erotic fantasies involved Uchitel having sex with Boreanaz and Derek Jeter at the same time. Uglytel is nothing but a dirty W-H-O-R-E trying desperately to trap any man who is rich $$$$$$$ and when she fails she tries extortion.

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