Rachel Uchitel Bashes Joslyn James, Vice Versa

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Tiger Woods once texted that he wanted to choke, spank and pummel Joslyn James. Rachel Uchitel may want to do the same, albeit in a slightly different way.

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    Two very ugly women who also look a lot older than they are.


    LOL-"hoe down". *snicker. Oh, these hoes will do any F word if it brings media attention.


    These hos should hang up their plastic tits and call it a day.


    I read that Rachel Uglytel wants to remains visible on the media and trying to repair her W-H-O-R-E image because she is desperately hoping ($$$$) to get back with Tiger as soon as he is divorced or even before if she can. I also read that Gloria GoRed may have used Jostlyn James to sabotage the reconciliation of Tiger and Elin to benefit Rachel. As you can see there is great incentive ($$$$) and interest here for these shameless, spiteful, money hungry, immoral whores. Time will tell.


    Skanky Ho Throwdown!


    It's a ho down!


    Whores like Uchitel get women mad because they show that most women are whores when you come right down to it. Tiger had lots of whores because he had money, fame, etc. Women know this, but can't admit it to themselves.


    If he hooks up with any of those stinky b...... he is going to lose everything. They were involved in his decision to destroy his family. None of which are mentally stable. Anytime each woman thought they were the one and only "mistress". Lol! Dumb as rocks! Hopefully, he isn't that stupid. If and when the divorce is final, he needs to stay single until he matures.


    These women Rachel and Joseyln are just "dying" to have whatever publicity opportunity... Interesting that Tiger has disowned/disassociated himself from these women, and yet they are still so "thick" skin as to use Tiger's name to gain publicity... They are shameless ! In addition, I bet Rachel is now thanking Elin for opting out from Mrs. Wood's position and Rachel is trying to grab any chance to show Tiger that she is doing things looking into the interest of Tiger especially in cursing Joselyn James who had much tainted Tiger's reputation. Rachel will be "dying" to be Mrs. Wood or at least Tiger's main girlfriend because she sees Tiger as a cash cow !


    correction: "soul mate Tiger"
    See, I made a typo. haha

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