Kim Kardashian in Mom Jeans: Hot or Not?

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When Jessica Simpson rocked a pair of mama jeans last year, she made headlines for weeks.

Granted, the attention was negative - but Simpson turned criticism of her weight into sympathy and even a reality show, True Beauty.

Now, Kim Kardashian is hoping for the same result. She made this same fashion statement earlier in the week and responded to critics before they even had a chance to get vocal.

"For some reason, high-waisted jeans are always branded with this negative term and I think it's kind of ridiculous," she blogged. "Any woman who is proud of her curves should be able to flaunt them in high-waisted jeans!!! I'm proud to rock the mom jeans."

Accentuating the Buttocks
Ugly Jeans

So, wait, Kim: now you're proud to be curvy? What about your revenge body and every other word out of your mouth about QuickTrim?

You tell us, readers: Kim's jeans are...


Her behind is fake.


Wow, her rear end is huge and way out of proportion to the rest of her body. Ick. I'd cry if that were my rear end. But I guess she's ok with it.


What?! These aren't even "MOM" jeans...they're peg-leg pants w/the sailor look from the '40's!! What a waste of time and what a lame excuse for a story. Another photo op called in by a publicist with the message: "my client will be at this spot...hurry!"


Kim Has HERPES!!!!!! In InTouch Weekly they printed one of the divorce papers stating Kim k gave Damon an "incurable STD"!!!! Her ex tells all!!!

The independent rage

Baby Got Back! I agree with her as to the age-old sentiment that if you got it, flaunt it. But in mama jeans? Methinks the jury's still out on this one.


What are you talking about???? "the only thing she rocks are sex tapes and anything else trashy?" -- she has never rocked anything trashy and its true when she was young, immature and thought she was in love, her boyfriend convinced her to allow filming of their private moments. She didn't expound on that. She was a victim when it was made him!!! Get your facts straight. She's a beautiful model made famous by her talent and nothing else. You're probably just jealous Deb...Hella Jealous


yaeh I haf to agreee it looks stuipd


Kim---Always Hot! This must've been a trick question. However she goes about it,Ms. Kardashian is always Hot and very ,very beautiful. Whether it's the clothes she designs---or the clothes she wears(even if it's only a bikini). later;Hollywood.


This is new because? Kim seriously no one cares about your f*cking jeans - when you leak another porn tape to gain another 15 mins of fame maybe i will watch!


Kim, dear, the only thing you "rock" are sex tapes, and anything else trashy in order to be the fame w.hore your ex hubby rightfully says you are. And the plastic surgery on your face is really grotesque. Are you human at all?

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