Kim Kardashian Avenges Reggie Bush By Starving Herself

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How do you seek revenge against a former boyfriend that may have cheated on you with a blonde waitress?

By starving yourself and taking an unhealthy weight loss supplement that forces you to sit on the toilet for hours on end, that's how!

Such is the action Kim Kardashian has taken against Reggie Bush, according to the latest issue of Life & Style. Its cover story hypes Kim's use of (what else?) QuickTrim, while quoting the reality star as saying:

"I really wanted to just buckle down and get rid of the tiny bit of excess weight I was carrying... I used to be so shy and insecure walking around in a bikini doing shoots and things. It's amazing how much better I feel."

Kim allegedly lost five pounds in five days... which actually pales in comparison to what the exact same magazine claimed Khloe Kardashian lost last week. See for yourself:

The Revenge Body

How much weight, in how many days, will Kourtney Kardashian lose next week? Pick up Life & Style. Find out!!!




Kim is a human urinal because she allowed Ray J to piss all over her @the end of her lame sex tape - that is so disgusting I dont know how you can look up to someone like her.




Human Urinal... I am assuming you are either fat or ugly...possibly both. Don't hate on Kim because you are insecure. She has accomplished quite a lot with her life. Maybe you should do some research before posting such ignorance. I highly doubt that you are so accomplished and successful that you can justify belittling people you don't know.


Yeah, she feels so much better about her body that she has to release her own photoshopped bikini pictures to the media. Kim is a pathetic loser. Notice how she is never in the news for actually accomplishing anything.


Please look up the word "avenge" before using in a headline.

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