Jason Pfeiffer: On the Run From Insane Michael Jackson Fans, Receiving Death Threats

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Jason Pfeiffer, the former office manager of Michael Jackson's dermatologist and friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, claimed about a week ago that he was MJ's lover.

That hasn't exactly sat well with the late icon's fans.

Michael Jackson, Children

Since coming forward to allege a gay affair with Michael Jackson, Jason Pfeiffer says he faces such intense death threats that he's won't stay in one place.

All in vain. You know Joe Jackson will hunt him down.

A source close to Dr. Arnold Klein - who flat-out said Michael was gay in a separate interview - and Jason Pfeiffer tells fans have directly threatened him.

Jason Pfeiffer says he dated Michael Jackson until the day he died.

Apparently, incensed Jackson worshippers have walked right up to Pfeiffer's home and knocked on his door - and tracked him down at his friends' houses.

Guess Justin Bieber fans have some big shoes to fill.

After Jason went public and the doc backed his story up, the homophobic and violent threats have poured into Dr. Klein's office by phone, fax, and email.

"I'm gonna put a bullet in your heads," said one voicemail.

Klein and Pfeiffer have hired bodyguards, and reported this to the FBI. Jason Pfeiffer is currently at a private location with friends ... we can't say where.

You know what they say ... it's all fun and games until obsessed fans of a deceased music icon murder a gay office manager seeking 15 minutes of fame.

What do you think: MJ was ...


freaking liar I hope Papa Joe will sue these clowns!!!!! MJ is not a believable homosexual for those who know him a little bit but that's not even the problem, If MJ woulda been as gay as fuck he wouldn't have hooked up with a repulsive, ugly, on top of it morbidly obese anonymous loser like that LOL...MJ always talked about his childhood even in interviews, he always told his public his fans ''I love you'' and ''I love you more'' he was always kind, friendly and liked to give hugs but the only way this whale bedded MJ woulda been after him and Dr. Klein knocked him up with drugs!!!! i bet these 2 are the gay lovers fantasising about MJ all these years now that he's gone all they want is a bit of fame on their ugly ignored faces and money


To Null:
You are not a Michael Jackson fan!! Dr. Klein and his former office manager are liars and opportunist.
You say you love MJ? Stop siding with evil people. MJ's autopsy showed only sleep medications,propofol (an anesthesia), and an anxiety medication in his system. How does these medications cloud someone's sexual judgement?? You don't know jack about Michael!!


It takes one to know one Louis!!!!!!!!


Just kidding about Murray looking for Jason. I know where Jason and Klien are at, try the sicko guys at Hollywood Gossip, I bet they are hiding somewhere with them. Before you call people names you need to make sure you know what you are talking about. I think it's all a pile of B.S. These men are not afraid of Jacksons fans. What is the amount they are looking for? Did they think the estate was going to pay them something? Klien couldn't get the kids, so now here he has throw his self into something else. I believe Elizabeth Taylor. She was Michael true friend.


Tell Jason, Dr. Conrad Murray is looking for him!!!!!!!!


Do anyone really want to hurt this guy? Really come on, get real. Ain't no one trying to hurt this fool.It's just part of his story. I was a fan of Michael for years. And this guy isn't worth the time of day, as far as I am concern. I know it's just another slam Michael Jackson story for you guys. That's all people like you did when he was alive and it seems you are enjoying it still now that he is gone. I wish Michael was here to answer what this Jason guy is saying.


I hope MJ rises from the grave and scares this liar half to death.






Null, so what you are saying in a lovely and polite way is that MJ would have had to be on hallucinogens to be involved with this guy...LOLOL - I couldn't agree more!!!

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