Elin Woods Plans Solo Trip to China

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Tiger Woods wife is leaving him ... on a solo trip to China.

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    i can tell you the seret tiger does not want revealed he sucks elins lovers dicks


    It seems that Elin Nordegren wants to go to China to visit with her brother, who lives and works there. But, Elin doing an extended trip to China, without her children does not seem likely! Elin seems to be considering what would be the best and safest for the children. I think that Elin will not stay long in China if she goes without the children. I hope everything can be worked out well and that Elin can have a good visit with her brother!


    another day another rumor..My favorite is Tiger and a look alike to Elin..UH..where are the pics?..

    But..I am now starting a rumor..Elin is looking for her next meal ticket..She is going to China to get the richest man in China out of jail and get his money..Then she is moving in on Bill Gates..Just a rumor now..but next week it will be all over the blogs..


    Tiger really doesn't know what he has done yet, because Elin didn't cheat on him. That's what makes me sick about cheaters. Most will never get it, because they marry women that don't cheat. Most cheaters think the worst thing they did was get caught. There's a great quote from the book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, "You've got to go there, to know there."


    Elin has a brother who works for a Swedish bank in China so I presume she wants to see her real family.
    I just wish her and her kids all the best because contrary of some stupid idiotic comments she didn't deserve to be treated like that and the fact he cheated on her is his only fault and responsability.
    He may be a great golfer but for everything else he's a complete failure and a world class loser. He should go back to whoring the only thing that really matters to this pathetic douchebag !!!


    Again we are getting news from "sources" of Radar Online - as if they are the most reliable website online. This is seriously screwed up if they are considered reliable.


    This is a strange story and for some reason it does not ring right to me! Elin doing an extended trip to China, of all places, without her children does not seem likely! Could it be that Elin is planning an extended summer trip to a distant locale and she may be thinking on which would be the best and safest way for the children? I think that if Elin uses the yacht for this trip she will be able to bring the children plus staff and any relatives or friends she may want. Hopefully Tiger will agree!!!


    Very glad to see Elin moving on with her life! Strange that these cheaters will hook up with people who resemble their wives. My cheating X did the same thing-right down to my name. I've seen this with friends and others. Why do they cheat, only to find themselves with replicas of their X wives?

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