Tiger and Elin Woods: Not on Speaking Terms

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Tiger Woods and wife Elin are no longer speaking to each other, according to new reports that cite no named sources, but are probably believable anyway.

Both have hired divorce lawyers and things have gotten so bad that the couple uses intermediaries to communicate, a source close to both of them claims.

She's fighting for the kids in private, but tries to keep their children protected from their deteriorating marriage. Thus, Tiger and Elin refrain from arguing.

They also refrain from speaking to one another, period.

“Elin has the nannies take the children back and forth,” one source said regarding how the children are moved to and from Tiger and Elin Woods' homes.

Elin moved out of the home they shared and into a rented house about a mile away. One of Tiger’s employees goes over logistics and schedules with her.

Relations between Tiger and Elin Woods? Not exactly cordial.

“They’ve had no conflict over the kids but they’ve also had no contact,” the source said. “Elin Woods has made it very clear this is the way she wants it.”

Elin stopped going into Tiger’s house when dropping off the children, and now has their nannies take the children from house to house during the day.

“They don’t speak anymore,” the source said, noting that the relationship is growing worse. “Even on the rare times when they see each other in person.”

Elin has taken four trips away from Tiger in the past several weeks, including one to her native country (she's rumored to be moving to Sweden for good).

She stopped putting out a while ago too.

When Tiger announced his return to golf, Elin believed he wasn’t sincere about changing his life. Prior to that, it appeared the marriage could be saved.

Despite the fact that both sides have lawyers and barbs have already been traded in the looming split, there has been no Tiger Woods divorce filing. Yet.


i believe Elin should take as much cash as possible from Tiger for cheating on her. Tiger was the person that spoilt thier marriage. If Tiger did not want this urgly process, he would have zipped-up his trouser. Maybe this will teach guys big lessons. Is either they keep thier happy family together and be good Fathers and Husbands or they can throw everything away by having girl firnds outside thier marrages. Tiger is a Whore...


She is not about to let go of that cash cow.


No matter whose parents did what or when, these two are adults and capable of making adult decisions, and also able to know what is right and what is wrong. Breaking a promise is wrong, exposing your spouse to any number of STDs is wrong, putting all you've been blessed isn't wrong really.......just incredibly stupid. And there we have it, I wouldn't live with this man either, he has some serious problems, and I don't know that I would expose my children to his attitude or actions. Sadly, I'm rooting for Elin, she will take care of her babies, and apparently going back to school to better herself. Plus she isn't blabbing to the world her problems, concerns nor actions.......that's class.


good! i wouldn't speak to that ugly bastard either!!! men can be such an assholes! i hate 'em sometimes,one woman never enough for 'em!!!and she is beautiful,she will be just fine without his sorry ass!


To make it short altho I know this will take sometime before the divorce proceedings to be finalize,...It is betterfor them not to be together or in speaking terms...and let their lawyers talk for them...Divorce is the best remedy for Elin and the cheater...the marriage has been broken and it is irreapirable...No use for reconciliation anymore..No matter what good or bad..it is the ssame the trust is broken and the marriage is broken...


Tiger's got a pussy in his tank. Go Tiger!


It's sad that you have all these sluts trying to deepen their pockets by getting involved with married men. These women though Tiger would make them a star and a few are if you count the one's that get paid to have sex, sluts is all they are. Everyone should look at the children they have, this will affect these children the rest of there lifes. I really hoped they could have worked out the marriage. Marriage is hard and even harder when you are under a microscope 24/7. These are more children going to be screwed up because either will try to make the marriage work. I guess it will be okay the kids will have money, right!


Ditch the bitch, Tiger! You would've won 30 majors and boned another 500 hos without her around. Sponsors still would've paid you. They paid you before you were married.


In a few years "Tiger" as he renamed himself will be as fat as his lecher buddy, Charles Barkley. They will both weigh 300 or 400 pounds. "Tiger" is already looking chubby, or are his cheeks, nose and lips always so fat? He's not the best looking guy around, that's for sure.


Yes, I agree Woods is useless. The janitor is more useful in this world than Tiger Woods, the over-paid and adored, conceited, narcissistic degenerate. What kind of a "man" does that to his marriage, his beautiful wife and his children? I guess he's a lecher and a w h o r e chaser like his father was.

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