Do Not Effin Touch Justin Bieber!

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We have terrible news for teenage girls around the world: Justin Bieber does not like to be touched.

At least not if a recent story in The Daily Telegraph is the be believed.

According to that newspaper, Justin appeared on an Australian morning show recently. As he was being led to a section of the set, he whipped around and said to the station's floor manager: Don’t ever fucking touch me again.

Upon hearing this, David Koch (the host of the show), recounted Bieber's sound guy saying "don't take offense, mate, he tells us that all the time."

Seven employees allegedly backed up this story to the newspaper.

While Bieber didn't address the scandal directly, he did post the following Tweet this week:

family time with my mom couldnt come at a better time....i was raised to respect others and not gossip...nor answer gossip with anger.

i know my friends family and fans know the person i am. hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job i guess. but i all i have to say is...kill em with kindness.

Perhaps Justin should call up crush Kim Kardashian. She could teach him a lot about handling bad press, along with other things.

Bieber did perform on the morning show, following this reportedly brief fracas. Watch his cuteness in action below.


daily mail not telegraph. big difference.


Okay, I love JB, but that is messed up, and on top of it to lie about not saying that? At least admit it! Okay, its one thing if like 2 people confirmed it, but SEVEN people?! c'mon, you honestly think 7 people would lie about that? Be logical people.


Why would Justin Bieber throw the f bomb to a stage manager saying “Never f-in touch me again� It makes no sense because the stage manager never touched him therefore no point in saying that, and the incident in the UK are lies. You adults and tabloids just love to put down kids with a talent because youre mad that you werent that talented when you were a kid or you arent talented right now. Give it up, Bieber is pure and a saint. Im sure parents wouldn\’t let their kids go to his concerts if he actually was a stuck up brat. So leave Justin alone. Hes successful and you guys are just jealous so leave the kid alone.


Ok, even if this did happen, I don't really care, because Justin is a human being and obviously has some faults.. Yes girls.. guess what? he's not perfect and probably does things that would get on your nerves. OH FRICKEN WELL :) Leave him alone!


joyride and iloveDHmorethanGossipGirl are the EXACT haterz im talkin about! did u guys ever stop to think that was just as rumor and it wasnt true! besides, this is a GOSSIP website ! and u know wat iloveDHmorethanGossipGirl? yeah, we do defend him! u know y?! cuz we're his fans and we support him no matter wat situation hes in! thats how we are and always WILL be! if one of ur favorite singer are gettin rumors and gossips, wouldnt u defend them? i think i would!


that is obviously a LIE and a RUMOR! He would NEVER say that! never in a million years! its just an excuse for the bieber haterz to say somethin horrible about him! thats pathetic! really pathetic! if u actually think thats cool, then u obviously dont know wat the meanin cool is! and how is he GAY?! HOW?! what did he do that was gay?!


have u guys ever looked in the mirror i dont blame justin bieber for saying to people dont touch me so u guys fucking dtop hating on him he is a good and cute 16 year old boy so STFU


o, im so sad, like anyone wanted to touch his herpes infested body anyway. He's just afraiad that if a guy touches him then he will breakdown and try kissing them, letting his inner gay out. justin should perform with his fellow man-lovers at the the Gay pride parade next year


Well, It is obvious that he does not want people to know his secret identity as an actual 12y/o Girl.


hey hye jb is very well behaved on and off stage


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