Christina Aguilera: I'm Not Lady Gaga!

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Christina Aguilera isn't just back on the music scene.

The singer, whose new album drops on June 8, is back to being her sexy, provocative self.

Her new music video is hot; her cover shot for GQ is naked... and the haters are coming out in full force.

As she struts her seductive, eccentric stuff again, critics are comparing Christina to the artist that, in some ways, has taken over her spot in the industry: Lady Gaga. What does Aguilera think of this comparison?

“I’m in it for the long haul, and a decade later in my career, I have nothing to prove," Christina says in the latest issue of Billboard. "To anyone who wants to be negative, it’s like, ‘I’m obviously relevant enough to you for you to care and to talk and to evoke negative feelings inside of you.’ At this point in my career, I’m over any and all weird comparisons or negativity.”

Also in the article, Christina says that making hit singles is not what inspires her:

“There was actually a song that the label really wanted me to record, and I just said ‘no,’ because it didn’t fit on the album – it wasn’t creatively inspiring to me... when it jeopardizes my integrity too much I can’t do it."

But when it comes to taking her clothes off, Xtina can get down with that! Thank goodness.

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I just wanted to say, lady gags is foken ugly! She puts on all these drag outfits! She looks like a man, but that may be an under statement. I've seen drag queens look prettier! Now christina is hot. way better looking! Has a better voice and is very nice. Al least when I met her in 99. Its simple, I wouldn't be ashamed of walking with christina. I would be if I were walking with that moose lady gaga!


personaly,I can't stand now now christina I love you will you marry me ? wery love you wery love




amor a Christina Aguilera muit ele e tudo msm...


que puedo decir de Chrstina???


Elijah, Why is it best for me not to judge a celebrity? That is what I do. Also, I care not if an artist is a nice person, as a matter of fact, I usually like them more if they are not nice. PS - Stop being such a dopey fan and feel free to place judgement on celebrities. They make their money off of your judgement.


Ok fist of all Gaga is not a tranny and second Gaga is new but she is shitting on all of the pop stars so i think it is best for you 2 not judge Gaga is is a very nice person


Judging by her comments there is obvious animosity between her and the tranny. If there weren't any bitterness towards Gaga than she would have said that the comparison is a compliment. Personally, I can't stand either one of their music so I am going to side with Christina because she looks better - a lot better.