Team Christina Calls Out Team Gaga: Who's a Copycat Now?!?

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Having been away from the business for years, raising her son, Christina Aguilera came back in a major way last week.

She released the video for "Not Myself Tonight," which stirred up controversy over whether it was too sexy and provocative. In other words: it accomplished the exact goal Aguilera had in mind and put her right back on the musical map.

But another controversy has broken out about the single: is it a copycat? Critics allege that Christina has simply stolen her new style and edginess from Lady Gaga in a clear attempt to piggyback off that eccentric singer's success.

To that charge, one Christina fan in particular has a Clueless-like response: AS IF!

In the following video, an Aguilera supporter (with a lot of time on her hands) aims to prove that it's actually the other way around: Gaga has taken her cue from Xtina. Watch and decide for yourself:

Lady Gaga is likely too pissed at Fox to care much about this feud, but you can sound off below. Which artist is the most original?

Whose side are you on?


Get there at 3p.m. and find out how they will be letting pelpoe in with GA tickets. When I saw her in San Jose last year . the arena gave us numbered wrist bands and told us to come back at 6 to get in line and at 7 they let us in. Gaga didn't perform until 930p. There was a lot of waiting. Make sure you go to the bathroom & wear comfortable shoes.


Just because Lady Gaga is more popular than Christina doesn't mean she's better. Gaga is mostly famous for her gimmicks while Christina is more famous for her talent. Only naive children assume that more popular automatically means better.


Christina is a great singer with no style of her own, She doesn't have a stage character hence She has been compared to so many artists, think of Beyonce , Sasha fiercem She has her own style, Lady Gaga weird stage style also is good for Lady gaga, that is what makes her special, Christina wants to try too many persnalities on stage and styles hence its not easy to be sure of her style, Christina needs to work on her image and stick by it, learn from Lady Gaga...ppl notice lady Gaga because of her uniqueness, I don't have anything against Christina but I think She has an attitude problem, heard of the way she speaks about other female artist...its not cool and that doesn't make her look good on her fans..I don't even know her new hit, maybe She's no longer relevant, luckily she can still do ballads as far as pop is conserned...don't think its working for her.


Excuse me, but Lady GaGa is pretty. You can't say the style looks better on GaGa because Christina is beautiful already, because Lady GaGa is actually very pretty if she's not messing too much with her clothes and hair. I have nothing against Christina or GaGa, but the song 'Not Myself Tonight'... well, I didn't finish watching the music video. It made me think too much of Lady GaGa. But I have nothing against Xtina! She's a great singer.


Okay, so maybe GaGa got some ideas from Xtina... so? She's successful. Xtina is successful. I didn't like the song/video 'Not Myself Tonight' because it reminded me too much of GaGa, but, hey... They're both good singers. No need to fight. Enough said.


hahaha well Xtina has been in this business for longer, but Lady Gaga has make it way farther than Xtina did. Honestly I can not recall a song of Xtina, I totally forgot about who she was (lol) but on the other hand I can tell a few songs of Gaga that I'm pretty sure are going to be remembered for a LONG TIME. I accept that Gaga might have copied a few Xtina's styles, but she looks WAY BETTER. Xtina fans are just mad that at Gaga because she made it farther with those looks than Christina, hahahaha. PERIOD!


well, yes... they both look similar, but I think, Christina lacked attitude, that's why xtina never got the attention Gaga is gettng. Back then, christina just looked ridiculous, and now, Gaga looks chic and ridiculous haha c: attitude is the best accessory.
anyway, we all know they didn´t invent that style, and lots of female artists (not just pop.a.) have worn it.


Xtina maybe original, but GAGA pulls it off better.


I wouldn't waste time ranting if I were you, once people set their minds on something, it's really hard to make them see another' s point of view, whether they are right or wrong. Think of it as fighting with old people. The sky is blue, but if they say its red, by charlie's angels it red! In any case, some of these people were the one's that voted for bush, twice!!, can you really ask for much? So I would go and waste my time doing something easier to achieve, like... bringing back the dead or finding pants one is actually happy with (you all know its true >.0) Plus, they would probably say they have the right to their opinions (regardless of how stupid they are)and also, I make a hobby out of finding stupid comments like these and putting them up on youtube, wanna know if yours made it? go and find out!!!!


After watching that? Team Xtina. I just realized gaga is an unoriginal copycat.

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