Bret Michaels: Why I Should Judge American Idol

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Just a few weeks ago, fans were concerned that Bret Michaels might not survive a brain hemorrhage.

Now, debate has moved on to a far less important, albeit pop culturally relevant, issue: Should Michaels replace Simon Cowell as a judge on American Idol?

The rocker told concert goers in Mississippi on Friday night that he was being considered for the gig. Now, in an interview with People, the former Poison singer explains why he'd be a great choice, starting with his "old-school, paying-my-dues experience."

“I used to move the pool table out of the way to play for people six nights a week, playing five sets a night, where I had to announce the dinner special. I grew up the old-fashioned way. I would have done anything to have a platform like American Idol when I was growing up," he said.

Recovering Bret

Michaels - whose reality show resume includes judging Nashville Star; sleeping with women on Rock of Love; and winning Celebrity Apprentice - also tells the magazine he can help Idol contestants focus on the big picture.

“For a lot of these young musicians, I’d be able to give them incredibly awesome and very, very real advice. Not just the music, but their attitude and what it’s gonna take. Because everyone forgets one simple thing: Once you get chosen as the winner, you still have a big road ahead.

“I would bring my heart and my soul and amazingly honest and truthful advice. And I would tell them if I thought their chances of making it were really slim - and how to fix that. Because my chances of making it were extremely slim. It’s come from brute determination.”

So, has he sold you? Would Michaels make a quality American Idol judge?




Whoever replaces Simon would have to be able to judge a performer's character as well as their skills or potential skills. Simon replacement should be more compassionate as well as truthful. American idol should be done with pure mean-spiritedness. Also, talent should override all else. I don't like American Idol's voting system. It should be changed to honestly reflect talent and personality second.


oooh that isn't such a bad idea. i think bret michaels definitely knows what he's talking about, he's definitely qualified for the job!


gene simmons would be a great judge!!!


I think Gene Simmons would be a great replacement for Simon. No Holds barred with him.


Although I think Bret Michaels would be good as a mentor, I think Harry Connick Jr would be great as the next judge. He was probably the best mentor they have had to date. He really took the time to work with each performer.


yeah, but how many times is america ready to hear awesome? he says the same thing almost every interview. if he could intake some more vocabulary words, i'd vote for him. i love the guy to death, have seen poison a hundred times, but i dont think he would last very long with his limited vocabulary skills.


I think Bret is a good singer. But as for a judge No way. He would get too distracted by trying to pick up on the lady contestants. He's too horny.


Bret would make a womderful addition to Amercian Idol......and I do adore him as a musician. Between Bret, Randy and Kara, since they all know alot about music, I think next years AI is going to be fantastic... i know that me and my hubby wil be watching it...


Don't leave out Kara. She has been there and done that. Bret would be a great addition.


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