Tiger Woods Arrives at Masters, Elin Woods MIA

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Tiger Woods has landed in Augusta, Ga., for his golf comeback at the prestigious Masters tournament. Players, media and many fans are thrilled to see him.

His family? Not so much.

Wife Elin Nordegren Woods and their children were nowhere to be seen and are not expected to join the gallery when the tournament tees off on Thursday.

While no official statement has been made, she was last seen last week, without Tiger, checking out the Sony Ericsson Tennis Open in Key Biscayne, Fla.

Tiger, who was seen cracking jokes with a fellow PGA pro and even greeted reporters as he headed to a practice facility, will address the media Monday.

While he recently gave exclusive one-on-one interviews to the Golf Channel and ESPN, Tiger Woods' 2 p.m. press conference will be the first of its kind since ...

You know. The subject of his wife's whereabouts is sure to come up, but everything we've read suggests that we'll see a pissed-off Elin bail on the Masters.

After moving back in with him and helping rebuild his image, the couple took a step back amid a new batch of revelations from his mistress Joslyn James.

Nasty, violent, depraved text message revelations.

Elin has not indicated if she will divorce Tiger, citing concern for their kids, but certainly seems reluctant to support him publicly, at least for the time being.

JUST FYI: Because we know you care so much, Joslyn James and lawyer Gloria Allred will be holding their own press conference after Woods' media Q&A.


I just hope Elin will stay with Tiger. I think Elin will forgive him and Tiger will be a better husband. I blame the media for turning this incident into a circus in order to make more money. Still to this day they keep reporting Tiger's infedility, after all he is not a criminal. From this experience Tiger will become even a stronger player and I predict he is going to break more records. Why in this world we live now, people don't show more love.
Still from the beginning of time on this planet we call earth, we are still waging wars, hatre, violence. even after we have reached the 21st century we still havent's changed.
I think in this troubling world we live now. maybe it's time to realize the word love is not bad word.
Hope love love love love will finally mean something to us all.


I sent an e-mail around 10.35 a.m. today, can you tell me if you received it. Many thanks.


Tigers mistress--the p@@@ star--Joselyn James is going to be watching his press conference live according the the CNN HLN Show "Issues." They are going to monitor his words and her reaction. That girl is getting more and more bizarre so it should be interesting. Jane Velez-Mitchell (the host of "Issues") didn't hold back on her last time she was on the show--saying "What do you want? What do you WANT?!"


I hope that Elin stays away from the Masters. Elin does not need to subject herself to the frenzy and circus like atmosphere that seems to accompany Tiger Woods everywhere he goes. Elin and the children have been the only innocent victims in this horrid ordeal!


Good luck Tiger in your return to the green medows.!!! Please remember that the media and maybe your unexperience put you in such a mess. Tell or ask to all those cinics and hipocritaes to trow a stone to the sky and you will see that a few will dare to do it. Face the crow with honour and dignity....but be careful in the future.........


He needs to win by 12 shots, one for each ho he banged, and declare that fact while putting on the green jacket. That would make for the greatest story in the history of this site.

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