Tiger and Elin Woods' Divorce: Who Will File First?

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Elin Nordegren is so over Tiger Woods. That's the consensus from everything we've read, and it's hard to blame the woman. But is Tiger over his wife, as well?

All indications are still that a divorce is "100 percent happening," and it's not just the endless parade of cocktail waitress mistresses that solidified their fate.

Elin Nordegren Mansion

"The writing is on the wall," says a well-versed source close to Tiger. "He committed to several additional golf tournaments, which effectively says eff you, Elin."

"She was not in support of him returning to golf. His self-imposed hiatus didn't last; he screwed up at the Masters and left his calm, collected image in ruins."

The insider, who has dealings with Tiger Woods both professionally and socially, believes an official divorce announcement could be a mere few days away.

Still, this is Tiger Woods Inc. Even the specifics of how the divorce will be announced has potential to be quite the protracted battle between Tiger and Elin.

Tiger's marriage status resembles his face in this awesome doctored pic.

"Even [the divorce] will be negotiated," the source says. "Does [Tiger] take the high road and 'allow' her to file, or can he not stand the idea of people thinking he wasn't in control? What will the statement say regarding custody?"

"Right now, you'd think he'll be bargaining for joint physical custody when she'll surely want to piss him off and file for sole custody. As for spousal/child support? I daresay things are about to get even juicer than you think."

Really? We're thinking pretty juicy stuff.

If we were Elin, we'd take a cue from the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James divorce and get the ball rolling ASAP. What's the use in dragging it out? Give up. Move on.

She supposedly wants to start over in Sweden. Hopefully, if Tiges respects his soon-to-be former wife and kids, he'll just bow out and let her do it up.

This would make sense from a business standpoint, too. His PR blitz wouldn't exactly get a boost from preemptively ditching the wife ... if she does, though?

Maybe, just maybe, the public sees Tiger Woods as a sympathetic figure, or at least a guy who got what he deserved and can now move on to better things.

Like the Orlando cocktail lounge VIP scene. HOLLA!


I think that Tiger will move on to the next groupie/escort/porno person, etc. that Michael Jordan found so exciting. He probably should not have married. It would all be so much simpler.
The prescription drugs helped, I would surmise. Reminds me of a movie I saw "Valley of the Dolls" years ago.


Could it be part of the prenuptial agreement or contract? It is conceivable that Elin agreed to birth the children she is mother and nanny to. She will not have to work the rest of her life and the lifestyle of a billionaires is not too shabby. Never know what's in a Prenuptial agreement. Remember what was initially said in the press about Prince Charles and his marriage to Princess Diana? Stuff happens...


@aspasia or whomever.... Why would She wanted to stay with a man who does not even respect himself or another sexual partner with such foolish behavior as unprotected sex? Yea....I thought so. As a father he takes away his chance to be first in line if the kids need blood, kidney, eye etc. etc. do you get it? I am not for violence, but Elin was so caught off guard and hers was one of passion rage! I believe if I had to judge her she would get a pass.


Why would HE want to remain with a woman who tried to kill him with a golf club?


Elin seems to be a classy, intelligent woman, a lot like Sandra, and I'm sure she will be fair to a point. Am also sure she will make sure her children are well taken care of, and she will be also. If she wants to start over in Sweden, more power to her. Some people just don't need to be in the spotlight, and they seem to be the more sane of this culture. I'm sure she realizes that family, good education and serenity are top on her list. Tiger will go on, and on, and on. As will be his choice, I feel sorry for the guy, but hey, stuff happens and people survive. I have a feeling that no matter what happens between these two, they are committed parents, and thank God for that. It happens.


can we please leave this alone now, yes he made a mistake, how much longer does this need to be dragged out for!!!
One thing I know about marriages is that there is two sides, we will never know what happened behind their closed doors


Why one has to care who files first ? This is a fussy question....The tabloid is just doing everything to hype up to a divorce. I found it hard to understand the inhumanity of media to monitor the status of the breakup of a family.


This carmen thought she was the expert of Woods' marriage/divorce... But like everyone, all she learnt was from e-news which who knows is true or not...


Funny photo! LOL Elin is so beautiful! This man needs his head examined. Something seriously wrong besides 'just a cheater.' This guy has issues.


I think that this divorce has been in the works for some time now. It seems to me that Elin agreed to put the divorce on hold for six months, so Tiger could get rehab and return to his career. It appears that Tiger had hoped Elin would change her mind but she has not. It seems that during this time the attorneys for both parties have been working out all the details for the divorce. I also think that Elin has been in favor of sharing the children’s custody with Tiger and that she and the children will be living in Sweden only part time, unless things have changed, recently.

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