Teresa Giudice: My Breast Implants Rule!

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Paulina Porizkova is on record: she hates the new boobs of Heidi Montag and Kate Hudson.

What does this former super model and current attention monger think of Teresa Giudice's recently-enhanced chest? Probably nothing, seeing how low down on the celebrity totem pole this Real Housewife of New Jersey ranks.

But Giudice is trying to change that. She's featured in the latest issue of Steppin Out and tells the classy magazine she's "more confident" about her post-surgery body.

"I did it just for me," says Giudice. "My husband still loved me with my little boobies... We were married for nine years when I got them done. He still loved me the way I was... [Now] I feel so much sexier. Way sexier!"

Steppin Out Feature

The reality star returns to Bravo on May 3 when The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres its second season. She says viewers will see a "much more sexual" individual, one whose sex life is "even better" than before.

Might they also soon see a much more naked Teresa in the pages of Playboy? Following her critique of Bethenny Frankel in that publication, this seems like a strong, nauseating possibility.

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well now, she's 11 million dollars in debt.


The reason she flips tables is because she is angry with the way she looks! The woman is so broke she can't even buy furniture for her house!! hahaha!


Mazeltoyou, I agree. Scary face.


for real, what about accetpting what God gave you and being proud of it? How can a woman be so self centered to think bigger breasts are going to make her life better? For what? Paulina is still a living breathing person, just because she isn't what she used to doesn't make her a has been. People don't matter anymore after a certain point in life? That is nuts. To me, getting the implants just shows how much a person LACKS confidence in themselves.


A trannie boob with boobs? Priceless


OMG! These Jersey idiots are coming back?!! They are the personification of classlessness and DO NOT represent NJ housewives. I would know since I have lived in Bergen Cty. all my life. The refined, well-spoken, ladies of NJ do not flaunt their wealth, but rather contribute in so many ways WITHOUT seeking recognition to society and have done so for generations. These interlopers are laughable. Another reality show to miss.


Paulina is seems to have an ego way larger than her fame-dom can handle....she is a has-been, wanna-be diva...if a woman wants to enhance her breasts, so SHE feels more confident and fills out her clothes better, that is her choice.....Now, to go al ridiculous and come out unrecognizable or like a triple e, well, that is just stupid and the patient & doctor need to be slapped

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