Teresa Giudice Vomits at Sight of Bethenny Frankel Naked

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The thought of Tara Reid nude in Playboy makes us sick.

Apparently, Teresa Giudice can relate. The Real Housewife of New Jersey responded to Bethenny Frankel's naked PETA ad yesterday and Tweeted:

"To quote Bethenny: 'I just threw up a little in my mouth.'"

Giudice - whose feud with Frankel stems from a September interview the latter gave in which she referred to Teresa as her "least favorite housewife" because she's "whiny and unintelligent" - added that Bethenny is a liar.

Bethenny Frankel Nude

The reality TV bragged this week that she was "already pregnant" when the photo was taken and was "pleased" with how it turned out "because it doesn't look like there's been any airbrushing."

"Help me understand this," Giudice wrote. "Bethenny is happy with her naked pic because she was 'already pregnant' at the time. She says she's now three months along, but she did the shot in August. Even if she's four months pregnant now, she would've been, like, one hour pregnant in the pic.

"Someone tell Bethenny that sperm does not make you look fat, and I'm not buying the airbrushing thing in any case."

The claws, and buttocks, are out in full force!

You tell us, readers: do you agree with Teresa? Would you tap Bethenny Frankel's exposed ass?

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Teresa is ugly, but Bethenney is Ugly As Fuck. Both on inside and out. YIKES! Old asses need to stay indoors!


Who is Theresa to talk about anyone? She is a classless illiterate fake! She always says how REAL she is.... why Theresa? Because you say words wrong on tv all the time? Thats not being "real" thats just stupidity. You are so creepy looking. Especially in that shot of you in the Catskills, leaving the church wearing a black fur hat. All that black make up on those saggy eyes... yuck! Get off your high horse, Teresa. No matter how much you shop, you will be trash until you change your ways.


Teresa is butt ugly. I can hardly stand to look at her funny looking face and nasty curls.




I bet PETA and Bethany have never had to feed a family by making fur clothing from animals that they had fed their families with. Lets start petitioning Gucci or whoever is corporate and start supporting sustainable products which actually feed the creator and artisan's families.


Bethenny's conceited and obnoxious and looks like a freak from the adams family. Very ugly with a personality to match her jaws that look like impacted wisdom teeth. Ugly, nasty chick with no talent.


Bethanny has got one ugly man looking face.


People need to stop saying "I threw up in my mouth". It's nasty and disgusting.
She's airbrushed, she's too ugly not to be. But then so is Teresa.
Teresa looks like E.T. screwed a gorilla.


Bethenny is beautiful and she looks fantastic in this ad. I actually like Teresa, but she needs to choose battles that actually matter. If she wants to come off as smarter, pick a smart arguement.


Gotta agree with the Theresa hairline comments. She also has ugly kids. She had another recently--I wonder if it is ugly too! And that house of hers---how obscene and gaudy. Has no class or taste. Having money means nothing...